FEDEX Lost/Stolen package - What happens now?

Community advice appreciated. Thank you

I had a package sent from US to Europe recently.
Customs cleared and taxes and duty paid.
Says it attempted delivery but no sign of courier (ring doorbell camera).
Scanned back into facility later same day and next morning scan.
But it never made it “on delivery vehicle”.
Investigation / trace made by Fedex for the last 9 days.
They have emailed to say that package is lost, implying likely stolen as they use 3rd party contractors at that location and that a claim needs to be made by the sender in the US.

Where do I stand as customer? I have no product now. But Fedex report is very clear admission that they have lost the package.

Sender is well known vendor here. But sales guys are gone very quiet and not responsive.
Surely they can make claim from Fedex and replace the products sent?


I’m pretty sure you’re fucked unless you can get the shipper to eat or split the loss and send another package.

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The shipper will probably not be reimbursed. Shipping insurance is an absolute scam and I have yet to be fully reimbursed for any of my shipped packages lost or stolen. You provide everything they ask for, and then they pay you 10-20% of the missing items value after making you jump through hoops for several months. (Its also why I charge international shipments an exorbitant shipping rate)


Ditto, a few years ago I got screwed on well north of 4000 dollars worth of lost items in the mail and they jump through every possible hoop in the world to deny you

UPS store in florida gave max policy insurance + shipping when an item arrived broken. Took like two months and documentation but they cut a check for the max it was insured for.

@Siosis assisted with providing the original receipt. Worked out.


No refunds when sending drugs through the mail

what do you think this is walmart?


ive only got one claim ever approved on some powders ups destoyed for leaking boxes. even then it was like $1500 invoice which i had to replace and they sent me like $210. It was the only time ive ever gotten money back from any shipping or shipping insurance, and i have a full time UPS agent i can call on her cell phone or email any tracking claims. I got fucked on a few claims trying to help out a member because i didnt understand the policy and how much damage must be done in order for the insurance to take in effect.

so we shipped an ets extractor i think. it probably should have been more securely shipped with ratchet straps or another way to secure things from moving but this amount of damage probably shouldnt have happened BUT could have been avoidable.

we insured the shipment for the full amount extractor and chillers, pumps, etc. there was like 6k in damage. but it was less than 10% of the insured value and they said we are responsible for the first 10% and to kick rocks after months of paperwork… like 30-40hrs. it was a nightmare. this is why you dont do favors before knowing what your getting yourself into. that was the last time i shipped anything as a “favor”.


I had almost the exact thing happen last time I ordered seeds from EU to USA. Tracking had it get all the way here, then rerouted it back to customs in LA and I got a letter in the mail saying my shipment was confiscated like 2 weeks later.

Foolish seller probably didnt lie about the package being seeds. It is against the rules (due to lobbying from what was Monsanto) to move any seeds of any kind internationally without a “phyto sanitary certificate.” Even if weed seeds are legal as hemp in the US, customs will still seize them.


I got 19k in insurance from UPS last year when they “lost/damaged/destroyed” a box of CBD disty I had fully insured. Took 6 months and lots of grinding, but they paid.


Wasn’t aware you can insure shipments that high with ups. Anything typically over $5000 I have to send with FedEx if I was planning on insuring other than going freight.

Gonna have to talk to my rep


It was insured thru SHIPPO. a 3rd party insurer. similar to how insures packages, its 3rd party and they make profit off of it.


Gotcha. My shipping brokers 3rd party insurance is tough. That’s who I was dealing with the story above. Worst experience. Glad you got a good one on them

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First it might help to know what the “product” sent was