Feco solids

Rso feco extractions.


Have anyone ever had feco solids that looks and feels like shatter?

I’m warming up my oil in a beaker in a hot bath at 80c
Most of the oil is viscous then i stir it and i feel these hard clumps. I take these clumps out and inspect them to see if it was plant material, it is not. I take a piece and put a heat gun to it. It melted like dabs, i let it cool and it’s like shatter solid. Why is part of my feco melting at different temps?

Sugars. You made hard candy.

It will dissolve in water. Not ethanol.

Written up here long ago.

You won’t find it with “feco” in your query.

Same stuff that did


Maybe start here: Decarbing gone wild


Thank you so much. Is there any use for this feco sugar? Or is this considered waste?

You went to the trouble of extracting it…

Dunno. I find short cold washes give much nicer tasting extracts.

“Feco” at 50-55% cannabinoids contains a lot more “stuff” than the 70-75% ethanol extracts I was providing to patients back in OR’s “medical” days.

Does that make them “better”? “Worse”?

There are certainly lots of folks who will argue either side of that.

When I was first playing this game, the companies flagship product stated “tastes like hate, feels like love”.

I spent the next five years getting rid of the hate…because who needs nasty tasting meds?!?

…and I taste them ALL.

(Maybe that is why I’m a bitter old man?!?)


I’ve certainly had my share of taste testing with feco. Thanks again for sending me to decarb gone wild. I will see how the next batch comes out under vaccum.

Extracting colder so as not to pick them up is one solution. Water washing is another.

Either of those will change the chemical makeup of what you’re making.

What are you doing with your extract NEXT?

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And you ought confirm…

If you’re diluting in MCT, I suggest you do that before solvent removal or decarb.

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I’m making feco powder for sublingual tablets 10mg and 25mg tablets, and my feco + mushroom capsules. The capsules are 1mg and 5mg microdosing. I use lions mane, cordycept, reishi, turkey tail, chaga and mitaki mushroom powder.

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Confirmed: sample dissolved in water, applied same sample to alcohol (ever clear) just turned alcohol amber but still solid.


You could certainly powder your sugars (and whatever drops with them) If you really wanted to retain the full in ”feco”.

One could also argue that lower temp purges and Decarb under pressure to retain terps? might maintain a more authentic (fewer degradation products) and complete (at least some of those lovely volatiles) entourage.


This should answer most of your questions…

[Mostly Sunny with a chance of Precipitating Sugars]