FDA Consumer Updates: Delta-8 THC

The FDA posted this on their Consumer Updates today (9/14/21): 5 Things to Know about Delta-8 Tetrahydrocannabinol – Delta-8 THC | FDA



FDA regulation? Cool


I’m surprised there’s no mention of d9 content


When it’s legal that’s who gets to regulate it. They swooped right in on vapes. I’d rather deal with the FDA than the DEA


1000% agree

This basically re enforces what I’ve been saying for years that hemp derived cannabinoids aren’t synthetics and are basically the same thing as CBD

The fda basically did this same thing with cbd when it first came out and ppl were making health claims


As a company that deals with the FDA, structure-function claims are a big no-no.


We read the same thing?




Lol you beat me to it


The hemp industry is the big smoke mission over…and over…and over…and over


Yep, hemp derived isn’t synthetic. Synthetic thcs are a schedule 1 and regulated by the DEA

Unscheduled products like cbd are regular by the FDA

The FDA can’t regulate an illegal schedule 1 so this means like I’ve been saying for years that d8 derived from hemp doesn’t fall into the scheduling for synthetic thcs as the scheduling for synthetic thcs is for equivalents in the MJ plant, not the hemp plant

You guys really like to argue about points that have been proven 100000000s of times


I love that you can look at a primary source from a federal agency saying d8 is being synthesized and still somehow deflect

I get it’s a sunk cost for you at this point, but we don’t need to keep beating that horse


I love how you can read that the FDA is regulating delta 8 and still think it’s synthetic :crazy_face:

Kinda hilarious when they’re treating it exactly like cbd which ISNT scheduled

You obviously don’t know how drug scheduling or regulations work

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Pretty clear nobody cares that it’s hot


I thought this was interesting. Seems like the FDA definitely plays a role in regulation of scheduled drugs.

"The US attorney general can also initiate a review process that would look at the available evidence and potentially change a drug’s schedule. The review includes several steps:

  1. The DEA, US Department of Health and Human Services, or public petition initiate a review.
  2. The DEA requests HHS to review the medical and scientific evidence regarding a drug’s schedule.
  3. HHS, through the FDA, evaluates the drug and its schedule through an analysis based on eight factors. Among the factors: a drug’s potential for abuse, the scientific evidence for a drug’s pharmacological effects, and the scientific evidence for a drug’s medical use.
  4. HHS recommends a schedule based on the scientific evidence.
  5. The DEA conducts its own review, with the HHS’s determination in mind, and sets the final schedule."

I can go find d9 reports doing the same thing

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I’ve posted some screen shots around here which are similar

Basically the DEA gets its info on drugs its scheduling from the FDA and if the FDA says the DEA cannot schedule a drug on a certain schedule the DEA legally cannot. The DEA still controls schedule 1 and 2 though where as FDA controls all schedule 3 and 4s and neutraceutical / supplements


I’m aware. I don’t think d8 is inherently harmful, I will say that the complaints I see regarding lung/throat pain are concerning, but it’s not EVALI or K2

I think it’ll take a while to get the full picture of what’s going on at a state level, Texas doesn’t distinguish between the two. I’ve got requests out to a couple of the most aggressively policed counties to see what I can piece together, but I’d have to go through every report for felony possession pg1 for hash oil based on what I’ve gotten back so far

They’re reaching out to the software vendor to see if they can develop a way to search for the info in reports

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Texas does distinguish between D8 and d9.

However, county by county you face different luck.

Larger the city population the less hassle you face.

Small towns need some revenue.