Favorite Artists

No idea who did this legendary piece but whoever you are, you make me smile every time I pass it on the orange line.

Lmao I’m on the orange line right now, I just took that. :octopus:

Edit: the lack of etched graffiti on the windows of the new orange line carts makes it so people can take great pictures.

This isn’t graffiti but I took this picture today because I’ve tried to get this shot for a few years and I finally nailed it.

Only a zoom in while I was taking the picture. I did not edit a photo with a zoom in added after and 0 filters were used. All natural lighting and by chance moment.

Sullivan sq was one of my favorite spots to paint

Wolftits is all over nyc like that. There was a pretty nice Grey PVC piece near there too

Actually looking closely I see a few crew members there too

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Got incredibly fortunate & landed one of these from a Moodmats collab between Wookerson & HQ, a cannabis social club in Barcelona.

Not as extensive as @Nastyclean’s Wookerson collection, but it’s a start.