Faster Filtering with Buchner Funnel?

Hi all,

  • Leybold D10E vacuum
  • Ceramic buchner funnel 115mm diameter
  • #1 filter
  • prefilteres material

I am filtering at -45°c and the 600ml Ceramic Funnel is just too slow.
1000ml of solution takes around 25min.

I am checking the funnel and the holes are too little. And even though I prefilter the soaked material in cheesecloth filter, it still gets clogged, I pulverize my material btw.

Wanted to drill bigger wholes into the funnel but wanted to check firsts.

The low temps make the ethanol really thick, is there a way to make the filtering faster?
You think a coarse filter is better?

  1. stop making fines! what you’re after is in the glandular trichomes, not inside the plant cells. grinding or pulverizing your material is just making your extract darker, and making it hard to filter. 1/4" minus. pushed gently through a 1/4" SS screen.

  2. you’re using the buchner to filter the solvent off your cannabis?

use a mesh strainer to achieve THAT trick. then filter the liquid again once you’ve got the majority of the cannabis out of the alcohol. it will go much faster. and even if it doesn’t, once you’ve got most of the plant material out of the solvent with the mesh strainer (or cheese cloth), there is very little chlorophyl (or other unwanteds) left to filter out, so you can take more time.


If you are going to pulverize you’re feedstock get yourself a panda spin dryer and 2 Micron bags filter through the 2 Micron bags first. I shred my popcorn material as well. I have a 150mm China buchner and I build about a 1/2 in bed of celite on top of the frit. I can filter 2 gals in about 5 mins at -30c

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Use a ethanol hygrometer to check your water amount in your ethanol seeing your steps and timeframe your ethanol should not be thick
Make a filter bed of sand on top of iT all as You go You scrape of sand and gunk of the bed with a spoon sand is cheap and a great rough filter

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Thanks a lot for the tips!

What frit do you use that is compatible with the china buchner funnel?

Did, 200 proof, I also do a pre molecular chives soak. Then disttil all to remove the chives dust.

Are you only using filter paper or a 3d filter media?

Paper #1 Whatman

I think.adding a 3d filter aid (sand, de, celite) would increase surface area and flow rate, plus you can scrape the top layer as it clogs up


If You plan to filter large. Amounts of liquid check the spin dryer filter aka panda spindryer filter setup in the tricks of the trade tread filter sacks are now available in 0.5 micron


This is amazing.

understand that a Panda won’t fly in a regulated shop (for much longer).

:joy: Maybe My only advantage