Fast explanation of total rig

I think this fast video can answer questions better and now I have vimeo. It is a pay per view and I set the price at 4.2 million dollars per view. However, I promise that after the first view I will release the video into the public domain for all to see. So if you are the kind of person who would be the one who help out potentially thousands of viewers and deserving human beings then this might be your golden opportunity!

As for me it seems a cunning business strategy…

You get one free view to see if you want it then no more, ok and then promise you will buy the rights. Be honest too…

(Yep, I did just vape some…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


@Beaker Great video! Very informative!
p.s. I like the long ones, but 5 minutes is a perfect intro/overview.

After I posted that I went and took a hot tub at the indoor apt jacuzzi. Then came back to the unit and found it time to harvest. I call this a good run and LOTS left in the boiling flask for later. I pulled it down to vacuum and locked it and the the sublimator stores it ready to run more off as needed.

Now… time for the ceremonial vaping of the clear hehe. Sun is out too and .i hear the kids heading for the apt pool. I can honestly say I have experienced some very, very, very, shitty days and some good ones too. this day is shaping up to be an epic good one. The kids just entertain the heck out of me at the pool and the nice things is… they aren’t mine (that I know of…) :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3:

Here is the harvest.


How much product can you distill in that size sublimator?

The sublimators are sized according to how much volume there is between the bottom of the cold finger and the boiling flask. This size shown is a 150 ml rig. This means it sits in a mantle that is sized for 250 ml round bottom flasks but of course this style is designed to sit on a hot plate/stirrer just fine too.

Each gram of extract as a rule of thumb is about one milliliter. I personally never ever run more than an ounce at the start before dewaxing so I never even come close to getting halfway full lolz. These units though have another advantage that distillation cannot match. These units can be boiled dry and this is huge for a patient who needs to glean every last bit. For the high purity run the pure is harvested but I would never boil a high purity run dry because then of course some unwanted compounds do make it up. For a first pass though absolutely.

The tip off as far as “fractions” and when you begin to overlap the last bits of THC with the higher boiling stuff is frankly the stir bar lolz. Visually as the compound begins to dry up from the boiling flask and the stir bar is spinning more and more on just hot glass as the compound evaporates up then the higher boiling compounds have opportunity to evaporate. The stir bar is PTFE (Teflon) and is white. It remains white until the higher boiling and off color compound begin to pull out of the boil. By that point the stir bar is substantially uncovered and spinning dry more or less. It is obvious when the white stir bar begins to take on a yellow or darker tint. I will notice this long before I notice the compound becoming darker.

Once I see this then I shut down and harvest then clean up real fast for the next run. Tip of the day - if you boil dry in a sublimator then when the flask has cooled enough so no flames but still hot dump some alcohol in the flask to soak before that stuff gets cold and hard. The alternative if you forget is a chisel… :nerd_face:

The answer to your question is I always do,less than an ounce because it is about what a month supply is. Realistically filling halfway to the cold finger would be 75 grams or so and would likely run fine. In that case I would use a dry ice bath in the cold finger. With ice water the finger loads up and begins to reflux at about a quarter ounce. This is at a mantle temp of say 130C which is realistic and pretty slow. At a mantle temp of 150 I can blow crude up onto that finger in ten minutes but then the problem becomes that the ice water and glass can no longer wick the latent heat of evaporation away from the surface of the layer fast enough.

So a hot mantle will run much faster but then the cold finger might only hold half as much before refluxing. This is because I use ice water. I have zero need for a dry ice bath because of low quantity. So these factors and some other minor ones that never get encountered in a SPD are definite considerations. A commercial user would simply have two cold fingers. One would be popped off to harvest and the other put in while that was being done. One pump could even run multiple rigs pretty darn easy if a cell of these were set up for a single person operation. Six in a cell, for instance, could keep one man busy during the day and could easily run from one pump if thought through well enough.

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Here is the compound after an overnight in my small daily vac chamber. Not real tight vacuum. Please tell me those bubbles are just from air pocket entrapped yesterday or I will go nuts figuring out how gas is evolving at this stage lolz. I was pretty shocked this morning to find this lol. No trace of red either and normally bubbles of trapped air will show enough red at the bubble to be seen in a photo.

Dabs are fresh! Good morning. I will wonder about those bubbles all day.

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