Farmtek high tunnel greenhouse

Alright guys I’m testing the waters here i bought a greenhouse a few years back when I had 20 acres up in the mountains but I never got to put it up and I really screwed myself with this one haha.

Figured I would hold onto it in case I got land again but I could really use the money instead.

Anyways its this one its sitting in my storage unit if anyone’s interested i can go take actual pictures but I was just gonna see if anyone’s interested in it first.

Any questions just ask! Also here’s the link to the actual page.

I also bought the ends for the greenhouse with roll up doors!

Price is negotiable obviously!


Wheres it located?


My clearspan structure survived a winter storm that dropped 11 inches of mostly ice pellets. A lot of local greenhouses were smashed by the weight of the ice. It is a quality brand.


Sorry guys im in southern California! I forgot to put that in the first post.


How much do ya want for it? Im interested but would have to drive a ways to get it, would it fit into a Uhaul?

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Farmtek makes some really nice stuff.

Yea it would fit in a trailer from uhaul! I drove it on my truck with a rack that went the length of the truck for like 40 miles I wouldnt recommend that haha!

The storage unit I have I believe is like 8ft x 16ft and the main poles are about that length if that helps!

I was trying to get 4500 for it!

Where are you at im a little south of Bakersfield but north of LA

They don’t actually make anything. Farmtek brokers some really nice stuff, would be more accurate. If you’re buying from Farmtek you’re paying too much!

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Right haha I wish I had known more before I impulse bought a crazy expensive greenhouse with no solid plan!

By the way bump :smile:

If anyone’s interested let me know ill pretty much drive it anywhere in cali or Arizona or Nevada. Might even consider driving north as well.

If it was sweet enough maybe even consider trading for a cls system :thinking:

Is it the 6mill or 12mill plastic?
Ground posts or base plates?

Ground posts and 12 mill and roll up sides if I remember correctly!

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Is this still available

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Yup still available!

I ment no disrespect, I have ulterior reasons for my Farmtek resentment.

There are some products I can’t find anywhere else like this poly coated wire lock. Home - FarmTek - Hydroponic Fodder Systems, Farming & Growing Supplies, Hoop Barns, Poultry & Livestock Equipment, High Tunnels, Greenhouses & More

I cringe when I have to purchase.

This is a really nice high tunnel kit you are selling, if I wasn’t in Ga I would be very tempted!


Wiggle wire sucks anyway. It still damages the plastic, even though that is supposed to be the selling point of it, not doing so. I just use boards screwed down to secure the plastic. Poly trim boards flex well over curves.


When your up against 50,000+ sqft, it’s the best method. The old fastener’s like hurricane track were terrible. I remember when wiggle wire was introduced. Huge game changer for us installers. The poly coating helps with poly damage, and saves your thumbs.

However I still use wood and batten tape whenever possible!

Sorry to hijack the post, hope you sell the kit soon.


Its ok you guys have said good things about the products they have even if they are expensive haha!

Its to bad your in ga bro! Wish it wouldnt cost an arm and leg to drive it that far!

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Pretty sure @Fide_Freight could give you a quote or two to a few different parts of the country for shipping to help younsell it


I have a cls that I would consider trading .
It is a Tamisium TE300