Falling film hunt so far.... the pricing on the industry is definitely taxed

So for the 60-80 GPH sizing most of the American based companies want 200k for the 80GPH range and 150k range for the 60GPH.

Anyone have suggestions for domestic or solid foreign company for 60 GPH for the 120k range ?

I have four trusteel AV30s that do 40GPH each. I have two used that ill let go for 100k each or I have two new ones that ill let go for 125k each

We can handle that for you no problem! For a 60 gph turnkey with heaters and chillers it comes out right around your budget.

75k for 60-80 gph. Hit me up.

I can do all hardware included for 120 or less at 60 gallons with proportional valve high speed controller. Vacuum pumps and all. Even cheaper if you have your own chiller.

Does this include heaters and chillers?

What is the complete ready-to-run price if not?

I think that’s the stainless with pumps and controller.

The best way to add it up is based on how much heating. How much cooling and how much vacuum you want as a user.

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I want the most


Lol :metal:t2:

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It’s just based on heating and cooling. The most I think it could drive is the 10-20 hp range for chilling, high kw(based on avail power), and a xds35 for turbocharged vacuum, it will spit though so expect to use a hose and ice bucket onto a bottle. You can also get away with a ipd15

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