Falling Film Evaporator For Sale

Item: 8" Falling Film Evaporator with Rack, 38KW Chiller to -25C, vacuum pump, 200L jacketed Storage Tank; Brand New; Never Used; for Pick up or Delivery paid by Buyer

Location: Maine

Price: $34,000.00

DM please for inquiries to 401-556-6801


Well that got a lot of views- 135? but no replies…?
How about for $29,000?

What’s the recovery rate?

250 L per hour

has it actually been run at 250L/hr?


Looks like it hasn’t been ran

Including the solvent tank?

Looks like a foreign counterfeit, and the fact that this is clearly A 6” column unit with an 8” jacket should be a large red flag :triangular_flag_on_post:

Massive amount of grinding visible on The racks weld points is the second :triangular_flag_on_post:

& Utilizing a storage tank designed for butane with no bottom drain would be the third red flag :triangular_flag_on_post:

Buyer beware


Could be a butane ffe. I agree though this looks pretty janky

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it has not been run yet at all.

Does that solvent tank have a dip tube?

we have a friend in the business running the same unit successfully which is why we bought it. but we got ahead of ourselves and just are not using it. Yes there are some grind points on the rack but it is a well built rack probably robotic welding. I dont see that being an issue. And there is a drain at the bottom.