Fake COAs - Buyer Beware!

Hi All - I came upon this site following up on a lead that I received about a potential falsified Certificate of Analysis (COA) coming from our lab. After receiving a copy of the PDF it became quite clear that a fake is being distributed.

We switched over to the Confident Cannabis reporting platform at the beginning of 2018 largely due to issues such as this. At Aurum Labs we are incredibly passionate about legitimizing the Cannabis industry and we do not take issues like this lightly. Each one of our COAs has a unique QR code that is directly accessible to anyone and hosted on Confident Cannabis’ server.

If you are being given a COA that looks like the images below - this is 100% falsified. It’s not even a good one, the address font is clearly out of place, hardly any sample ever gets received, tested and reported on the same day, and they left the original client’s name in one of the fields.

If anyone has any questions regarding any product being sold on the open market that has one of our COAs - please feel free to reach out. There are limitations in regards to what I will be able to discuss (client confidentiality, etc) but I will be able to verify whether or not what you are looking at is real.

Message me directly if you want to know who this scumbag is…

Luke Mason
Lab Director
Aurum Labs


Don’t give em a check list to make even harder to tell!!!

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Valid point. There is always going to be people like this, in any industry - especially a brand new one that are looking to make the quick buck. But when there are even Labs putting out fake numbers it comes down to securing trusted suppliers and 3rd party testing if we are going to succeed.



Very sad this happens in the industry. I have seen so many photoshopped COAs its extremely sad! Working with my business partners on a few different companies we wonder if Watermarks will stop something like this from happening.



I think QR codes linked to the data base from the testing lab is the one of the only way to stop photoshopping COAs… What a time to be alive.

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Just have be to cautious on guys photo shopping there own QR to a data base. A lot more work but if someone wants to do it they will.