FAIL TEC with diamond mining

Excuse me if this is not allowed and if you would please direct me twords Anything that can help that would be lovely !
I have failed for my 3 rd time now attempting to mime diamonds for various reasons. Starting with mason jars… failing and moving on to a miner allthough my primary first 3 attempts were with mason jars.
However in my most recent attempt I have used a diamond miner and was lent a very large tank
Of nitrogen.

After putting my dewaxed solution in my vessel and placing the lid tightly on with my oven at about 100-105^f (laser temp gun reads at about 88-100f anywhere on the vessel) the solution on the inside for 3 weeks sat untouched with NO CRYSTAL GROWTH?:frowning: so then my buddy brought over his nitrogen tank and we burped it down in pressure and re asserted nitrogen and beefed the pressure up to 50. Well it’s been 6 days so we’re looking at 3 weeks and 6 days with no crystal growth… solution just got darker and is basicly the equivalent of the most strong smelling of weed thick ass maple syrup you can imagine.
Sorry for the rambling I sick at that. Thanks a bunch

At a guess, you still have too much solvent…

You need evaporation in order to get crystallization . If your miner doesn’t leak, you need to burp it periodically.

N2 pressure should slow down evaporation, which should give larger crystals…so long as you burp it and actually allow solvent to evaporate.

Edit: you have read through Only The Strong sauce tek twice right?


And 100 in the oven is way too hot. Try just leaving in your room or at 80-85f. 100f is just way too hot. As stated before. It’s not the solvent rather the thca in the terps that crystallize. If you have moving solvent. You probably have too much.


Jars are the easiest set and forget…

Most ppl mess up w several steps…

First don’t start cryo til 2/3 SOLVENT left

Next aft2r cryo don’t put band on jar until only 1/3 jar left

Seal w band for 3wks

After first 24hrs being sealed the visual solvent will turn into a gas bc 85f …then it’s invisible gas in the head space the jarr…not lost…as long as band still on and lid not bent open u didn’t lose seal…just wait , this is not everything but usually where most ppl mess up

Btw w miner these guys right…u have to slowly let the solvent burp off…then as slowly evaporates the crystals form…
When u get new bic lighter does it become empty bic lighter just by time? No bc it’s sealed completely.

U have to vent miner at certain rate so much per day…the jar just set and forget


Was your starting material high in THCa? is it possible that the material was older and slightly degraded?


Doesnt matter if the materials older this process works with dried and cured just as fine I’ll do it all the time


I believe I for sure capped the miner with too much solvent. Then made several mistakes through the proces including but not limited to lack of burping. Now I suppose my next question sets like this…
Since it’s basicly for sure not gonna work which is fine and all… what do I do with it
Probally un salvageable ?
Yea I believe the oven was also too hot I was attempting to get the heat to reach the inside of the miner

What miner are you using if you don’t mind me asking? I’ve never tried a miner strictly jars

its salvageable if it has too much solvent, you just need to evap some of it and continue the process

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I feel like I missed a link somewhere between burping and pressure of the miner.
Someone recommended putting nitrogen into it for pressure.
But liquid solvent will create some pressure as well under room temperature. ?

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Yes it will…it turns back into a gas

Do u have basically all ur solvent left or has all evap

And if did all evap And nothing which weird…redissolve and start over

Stop worrying about adding pressure…its all about the slow evaporation…the solvent will make it’s own pressure…
which I’m almost convinced all the pressure is doing is aiding to the slow evap…thats having none almost impossible w what we doing

Nitrogen just to speed along…i think


If the material doesn’t have THCa to crystallize, good luck when your investor buys you some stuff that was meant for distillate. You won’t be making feed stock claims anymore. Last years material sitting in a hot environment generally can’t be turned into crystal efficiently.


There u go adding the one special occasion

Yes u take someone that doesn’t store properly I’m sure …but i store all my own material and would think most would but I’m sure that’s not the case

Btw I don’t extract anything not worth it or top shelf so I don’t run into these problems

Good luck


What was the extraction temperature? What solvent blend?

Lots of ppl think extraction is a way to clean up garbage. The answer is yes. but you can only make hot dogs no diamonds.

Cured material is fine

degraded material MAKE DISTILLATE


If you’ve actually decarbed the whole lot by running too long and too hot, then you have a lifetime supply of edibles. (Or vape juice)

If the issue is you left too much solvent in there, you can let some evaporate.

Is 105F too hot? Probably. Have you wrecked your material? Hard to say without analytics.

Do you know how many mg of THC it takes to make you fall down? If so you can do a bioassay to figure out your decarb level.

eg, if you fall down after 100mg THC, and product is less than 10% decarbed, you can eat a gram and not fall down

I’d start by assuming 100% decarbed. And work up the dose till you know it’s less than 10%.

Edit: if you do make it all the way out to “less than 10% decarbed”, the 1/2 dozen burps of your miner may well get the process underway :wink:


I didn’t burp it once… totally failed there .
Just blasted another run today into the diamond miner today! We’ll see how it Goes… got a nitrogen tank together too.

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It’s a BVV it’s like 795$ retail I got it for 350 pretty nice I’ll send a picture down the sight glass in a day or so

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I have failed with decarbed material and by overcrashing my thc out of my solution during what I had thought was dewaxing