Factors affecting gummy Skin during flood n scrape

Im looking for tips to reduce the amount of skin on my batches when flood n scraping, currently using DCM 3.75ml disc molds and a solid gelatin recipe that I developed its very close to haribo. Im thinking the temperature of the batch definitely affects it. maybe theres some additives that we could incorporate though so that why I’m posting. Anyone wanna help out ? Really trying to reduce the demolding times.

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What is your temp when pouring? Also, what is your water percentage?

Temp is around 150F I have tried preheating the molds, it helps a bit but still not ideal in my opinion. 9.9% water in the recipe. All the water is in the gelatin it’s not added anywhere else. Im not using any anti foaming agents but I have considered it. thought about trying MCT oil ha

part of it is still inexperience getting used to the flood n scrape method im not gona lie…either way the skin sucks and id take any pointers. even give a prize for the tip that works out n helps me improve my process.

a few % starch might help

The disc shaped molds have a lot of area for the tags to occupy, so that’s the first factor that’s fighting you. Scraping over the same area multiple times can also be problematic, especially as the molds and top film cool.
Ultimately I think you need a gummy recipe with less surface tension so it flows into the cavities easier.
Or this recipe should be deposited with ketchup bottles (or a similar mechanism)

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