Extractioneering Back at it lol

If you are on ig and have seen this guys posts he is always bagging on live resin and flaunting his unrelated PhD in genomics.

What’s better forum goers?

Fresh frozen or cured?

“Pure monoterpenes taste like shit” is where I literally spit my seltzer at my laptop screen

Calling THCA distillate was also pretty amusing. Think his credibility left with that statement.


Douche to the core


I think this is a representation of his past experience and many others along w him. There is so much greed and tons of ppl out there willing to tell ignorant individuals “this is live resin” to fetch a higher ticket.

theres tons of douche cream bagels out there…selling theyre souls for 5 extra points. ALSO…just because the starting material was/is “alive”…does NOT mean its going to be good. I could easily grow some straight chemical fed bs…gmo…pgr, and it could be covered in mold and tons of defensive trichomes…trash resin…i could run same process as all “live resin”…and technichly it would be some “live resin”…but the terps would be trash…i mean we all know, SO MANY VARIABLES…simply put “FIRE in FIRE out” and also is your source a greedy dishonest individual? …hopefully not…best defense…RESEARCH…but EXPERIENCE trumps all. Mono terps with sesqua is EXSQUSITE!! real fire live resin…will nuclieze on its own…if starting material is that “oooo YEA”.some ppl suck and buy cheap bs to fake ppl out…DEF SOME CLOWN SHOE SIZE MF’IN 16 on em for that. Much respect to all the real canna warriors…F the posers. What IF that “live resin” is for someone w weak immune system??? Douche sandwhiches dont think about others…just hurry up and scam someone and on to the next. Smh im french toasted off this live resin…RANT OVER. Peace, love, hoping for BOTH mono & sesqua in your resins all :muscle::muscle::pray:

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Something wrong with this dude or is he just that devoted to his gimmicky marketing?

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The more he talks the more you realize he doesn’t really know what he’s talking about.


They’re back on some bullshit today. I guess when your product doesn’t move at 40% off you have to resort to trolling