Extraction yield vs COA

Hey so wondering if anyone has a decent basic formula for yield . Have a COA showing 22% CBGA then after ETOH extraction seeing closer to 10% …the coa was done from a fat top bud and the actual extraction was full plant biomass - the stalk . So I understand there is much less cannabinoid content on leafy material …just trying to understand if our extraction partner is being fully honest or if their efficiency is weak ?

Get the post-extracted biomass tested.


Testing at the same lab each time?


In process of sending post extracted bio to lab for analysis. Yes same lab for our testing . Have a monthly “subscription”

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So we did an ETOH extraction on some CBG biomass . 12% …the flower tests 22% cbg but the bio definitely end up buffed with leaf that isn’t very trichrome laden. The super neat part was same bio tumbled in a pollinator for 20 min was a 10% yeild of 42% cbga. Then went to do the tumbled bio in ETOH to see what was left and only yeilded another 2% . Was really impressed to see the super white keif the CBG bio dumped.

How long and what temps are your soaks?

Those numbers are probably not too far off.

“Whole plant” is approximately 1/2 the potency of “top bud”…

Getting a REPRESENTATIVE potency test in your input, product AND spent biomass is the only way to know what’s really going on.


-20c for 24hrs… The alcohol and the bio is pre chilled to -20 then bio goes in the alcohol for 24hrs of a soak

Damn, 24hrs. That’s a long soak. Like said above, I’d test biomass after washing and see what you left behind. I do cryo washes (-40 - -60c) for 45mins to 1hr.

Hello there,

There is this a basic formula I like to use to forecast yield. My formula is for biomass to distillate.

Biomass wt.(g) x THCA % x 0.7 / 0.88 = Distillate oil yield (g) @ 88%THC (our avg)

1000g x 0.22 x 0.7 / 0.88 = 175g distillate @ ~88% THC concentration

0.7 represents the sum of our average refining losses from winterizing/carbon scrub/decarb/terp strip/distillation.

I understand you are probably talking about crude - we typically see 95%-110% recovery from extraction. 1000g @ 22% = ~209 to 242g of crude.

Hopefully this allows you to adopt some similar thinking and develop a quick system for forecasting!


yep, 70% overall extraction efficiency from biomass to distillate. which is pretty standard.

following the cannabinoids (mass balance) really IS the easiest way to see what’s going on.

which is really the OP’s issue. with only a COA from the best bud in the bag, they have no clue (about 10% :wink: ) on their actual biomass.

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I was hoping to be able to assume the sample collection included some proper random selection and homogenizing to get these values usable. I have had to explain to a lab that you can’t just select the most choice nugs, as representation and repeatability are gone.

Best practices ARE for the best