Extraction Equipment that "skips" winterization step

What is the opinion/analysis of equipment that skips the winterization stage and takes you right to alcohol recovery (rotovap) step? There are a few manufacturers out there with products like this. If the quality is just as good this seems like a great option. Thoughts?

It’s not so much their equipment as it is the operating procedure. I could accomplish the same goal with 5 gallon buckets as my extraction equipment


:rofl: guess You tell him that ultra low temps are the trick
Ethanol as a solvent at low temps doesn t pick up fats and Waxes !


For sure. Using their equipment though and skipping that step makes for a much quicker process. I was curious though if the end finished product is still as good.

Can you elaborate on your question? Which equipment? What end product are you striving to make?

Capna is the one that comes to mind, their Ethos 4 model. I am wanting to make tinctures, CBD oil. Eventually other products but for the first year or so just that.

I dont ever winterize, ever. But I do keep cryo cold always. Liquid gold each and every gallon.


You might want to reconsider capna
Check out ace equipment or cup for that matter

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There are Some active members here that can give You pro s and Con s
And ace is the brand i personally support most
And very confident You Will get the best support before and after buying money can buy :grinning:
Inform yourself and ask around

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I reached out to Ace yesterday and should have a call with them today or this week I believe. I just named capna…I am not considering them. They are more than I want to spend for what I need right now. I just need something that can do 5-10 lbs per day of material.

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I heard ethos won’t get cold enough, some people add dry ice to it to help. Also there is still 10-20% ethanol left in spent biomass. Dont have one myself, just what I read.

CBG Biotech has a EtOH system that takes you from raw biomass to a distilate. It is called the EPD=R

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Have a link? Google pulls up zero.

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I found this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-OmJY1jDsg.
website I think is www.cbgbiotech.com
my buddy owns a facility in NM and has worked direclty with CBG on their R&D.
my buddy was working at the time at a facility in CO and carved a relationship with CBG because they make distillation equipment and he needed a solvent removal solution back in 2013, they helped him big time I guess.

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Is this the facility out in Santa Rosa? I heard they were using something similar to what you’re describing.

I don’t think so. My buddy’s processing facility is in NM. He is apart of CBG’s R&D on this machine. He just told me over the 4th the CBG unit will be market ready in like 30-45 days. he said load and go for his guys and no manual post processing steps in between. he says it is a very good machine and he has been around to judge stuff from the CO early days. we shall see!

For the amount you’re doing, just 5-10 lbs a day you should probably check out the bucket tek, and just doing cryo etho runs

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