Extraction equipment for sale. fire sale

Letting go of my entire lab in bay area,ca (willing to deliver to la, southern oregon, reno depending on order size). still cleaning and getting everything ready for pics but heres the list.

2 bvv 1.9 ovens
2 ai 1.9 ovens
large open source steel diamond miner
2 6x36 inch columns w dry ice sleeve and site glass caps
4 6x36 inch columns w chiller jacket
2 6x36 inch no sleeve or jacket
2 poly sci chillers
2 100 lb recovery tanks w sight glasses and chiller jackets w all fittings
mvp 6 recovery pump
trs 21 recovery pump
2 60 lb collection pots w spouts underneath for pours
2 open source steel racks
2 crc setups w bizzy bee sintered disks
2 3x12 sieves
2 condensing coils
2 60 lb recovery tanks
2 nitrogen regulators
tons of fitting, filter plates, hoses, column caps
across international 5 liter roto evaporator (willing to part out)
across international 5 liter short path (willing to part out)
scroll pump that cost me 3 grand
mechanical cartridge filler
20 gallon bubble bags
cold water washing machine
2 ai vacuum pumps
c1d1 6 in bogart fan w duct
c1d1 12 inch mounted fan w duct
sasquash rosin press that was used one time w hand pump
and all the accessories u would expect. carbon chemistry media, pump oil, jars, ethanol

I’m sure I’m forgetting some things and ill update as i go along. thx.

How much for the ai short path is it complete? Do you have a chiller to go with ?

Price on the press.
2-100lb recovery tanks

yes i have the chiller, its not one of the polysci ones, its the one ai suggests. everything is original except it has new head from open source steel. make me an offer, I’m flexible

make me an offer, I’m flexible

I’ve got about 2.5k to spend, I’d like to spend 2k , I’m not sure if this is in the ball park but if set is complete and in working order I would like to get it

cold water bags SOLD

8 inch bogart fan and duct SOLD