Extracting trim with bho anyone know how to get a more golden colour?


Anyone out there know how to make trim material come out more golden or is it based Of your particular strain when it comes to colour I do know when running flower you get a better colour but can’t seem to get it right with trim run


Running cryo Temp solvent helps.


I’ve been wanting to run column chromatography with the short simple alkanes. I’m sure you could, it will just be tedious to dial in, as most standard glass columns won’t work due to obvious fire hazard so you’ll probably be doing it in stainless steel.

QGA might have something to say about that, but I won’t speak for him/her. He/she claims some level of experience with this specific task.


Without any post processing, I always though color was relative to the maturity of the tricombs. My understanding is that the tricombs go from milky to Amber, and getting the right products as a processor is key to making good shatter. Now if your making distillate or RSO, color and terps probably don’t matter.

Also, freezing product can go a long way if processing is delayed from time of harvest to preserve the state of the plant.

Please correct me if I am wrong, I am still new to the game

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You are not wrong, but some of that pigment can be extracted without altering the cannabinoids through a process like distillation. Adsorbent scrubs or column chromatography (a finer form of adsorption) make the most sense to me.


Get as fresh as possible. process and freeze immediately to stop any further degradation of the product. Treat it like a vegetable get it cold as soo as possible. I have heard others experience Savita’s that will run a little darker than others but i have not seen this myself, Sticking to fresh is best method Sill able to pull great color. You are after the trichrome in this process so the more sticks, stems and water leafs that are washed the darker you’re will be. Cold is best, cold material and cold solvent with give you the best chance and a proper return and color. Keeping in mind Good in Good out. Don’t expect great color from anything that has been improperly stored or is older than 40-60 days but it all depends on how it was dried. I stick to under 30 days if I can.


If it’s machine trim, especially if it was trimmed wet, you’re going to get more color due to the cellular damage done by the rough handling.

If your machine is rated for it, running propane, or a blend of propane and butane has also been reported to lighten up the end product.


I’ll agree that cutting makes tiny bit darker…

BUTT,lol I’ve been that guy that had to learn on his on, only graduated HighSchool, I literally watched my extracts evolve from sticky dark gold, sticky kinda light gold, to gold clear and super translucent light gold clear glass, after mostly dewax by getting everything from solvent, material, equipment below -55 w dry ice orLN … after doing this don’t soak the material just run lil extra tane if concerned not getting everything. This will change your whole game if not already doing

Even with straight trim… Cheers


the starting material is by far the biggest factor.
beyond that, like others said, running the material fresh, using cold solvent, and mixing in some propane such as a 70butane/30propane blend will help


You think the propane will help for shatter? I’m no expert but shouldn’t be use all NButane as terps are runny AF, but like I said no expert, just working my way up the ladder taking in all that’s to offer


How about whipping it, make some crumble…


Propane is purported to lighten things up a bit, in addition to giving a less viscous/more terpy profile. you can loose the extra terps by sucking harder/longer if your customers absolutely must have shatter


Using any filter stacks in your extractor? with adsorbent medias (silicas, aluminas,carbons etc)?


What do you mean sucking harder? Please enlighten me. Ive been tryna shed extra terps using heat

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He may be suggesting to leave your vacuum pump on your oven as it’ll pull terps off

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Have you read up on crc tech?


@Infoseeker is correct.

the machine that sucks: leave it on longer.
or get a bigger one :wink:


like others have stated freezing material asap after trimming is crucial as is running cryo temp solvent. trim machines will definitely darken your material. certain machines can also leak mineral oil full of old oxidized hash so be wary of that as well



Please grab a snack and a beverage and read the novel.

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This is a post from April 2018 lol. The crc post was posted Jan 7th