Extracting freeze dried biomass

i have access to the largest freeze drier in north America (or so im told) it can do 40,000+ kgs of flower at once. my question is, will freeze dried biomass behave more like fresh frozen or dry cured biomass? of course i will be doing my own tests and whatnot, but im curious what others experience with running freeze dried material is. Better for crashing/boulders or better off slabbing into shatter or badder?

Whats removed in the freeze drying process?


Whats the main difference between FF and cured? the water content so expect it to run just like cured but with higher terpene content.


Id say the main difference between ff and cured is the terpene content when it comes down to why use one or the other. But yea I agree it will probably extract more like a dry cure but the extract may be more like a ff with the higher terp content so it wonā€™t want to shatter and may boulder up easier.


I have never freeze dried fresh frozen cannabis, but at the end of the freeze dry process, the biggest change will be water content. Your 40,000kgs will weigh probably 10,000kgs or less afterwards. Also note that any terpenes that boil at a lower temp than water (which is pretty much only monos) will also be lost in the process due to the nature of the freeze-pump-thaw technique. They might be salvageable if the freeze drier has a big olā€™ cold trap. You might see two phases in there, water and terps - you may be able to separate them.

Disclaimer - this is literally all speculation.

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I think there should be a few experiments done firstā€¦before making general statements.
Fresh and fresh frozen cannabis is about 75-80% water.
If anyone has a more definitive number let me know.
Also taking FF out of bag which are stored in freezer and removing material will result in further condensationā€¦depending on relative humidityā€¦and tempā€¦and warm up.

Cured or dried cannabis runs about 8% which will depend on the relative humidity of where it is dried and stored.

Now when people Freeze dry ā€¦the end point is and may well be
Dependent how clean you pump oil is, i.e., the ultimate vacuum you are pulling to and temp of vacuum chamber tray.
So I think when someone says I ā€˜freeze driedā€™ my materialā€¦there needs some qualifications appended.

If you are going to extract with water or ethanol 95% who caresā€¦
And why would you freeze dry in fist place?ā€¦other than selective removal of terps.

I think the real question here is how well does butane extract
Cannabinoic acid if the material is freeze dried. The state of the
Trichome volume element is rather undefined. How butane works with FF at -50 is certainly a mystery dependent of trichome capitate storage area composition. I would certainly like to
Hear about some butane. Extraction of Freeze dried trichome or bud. But I would like to see some numbers on ultimate water content of freeze dried material vs just cured material.

If we look at THCA prepared by the rosin tech. Press methodā€¦
Where the final two-three presses are short bursts at 220F or higher. Has anyone looked at the solubility of THCA produced by this method? Iā€™m saying or suggesting that as you get rid of the water bound up in the trichome volume element, extraction with Butane may become less efficientā€¦.I know this is sort of counter intuitive. Please advise. Thnx