Expired vape carts

A friend of mine has a bunch of expired cali vape carts. I remember reading that expired vape carts could fail for heavy metals? I believe it was here, but after searching I can’t find the comment. Basically a cart that can pass heavy metal testing when it’s made, can fail after being on the shelf for a year because the terpens in the oil can leach metal and contamination from the cart hardware itself.

I’ve been trying it find articles or something related but I haven’t found anything yet. I guess my question is, should people be concerned about consuming these?

Photo for reference


In my honest opinion I have no real clue with science but in my best guess, yes. It depends if the hardware already has metal contamination I believe. Terpenes would degrade it over time if so and would look much darker.

Post pic of vape cart first

I can post a pic of a heavy metal contaminated cart if I look online hard enough


Why not ask @johnbigoilco


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You’re right.
You fill a cart and test it right away, it more than likely won’t fail for HM.

Let that same cart sit there for a year (especially with terpenes), and if there are any traces of any heavy metals in that cartridge, they will leach into the oil.

@gobstopp Just send one for a test. If the HM test comes back passing after a year, you can be certain the hardware is clean.


We only sell on the legal market in ca, not sure how you got that product or if its even real. What trap distros do with our product who knows. We get distros that buy bulk packaged products a while ago, looks like they didn’t move all of them and they made it else where or there fakes which are pretty easy to do.


Looks like the product was from the California market. Not black market


Those were purchased at a retail store? All our retailers received those vapes a long time ago. Unless these were purchased at kushstock which is possible too. In that case I still stand behind the product as California has super strict testing requirements. I know retails cannot sell them once they are expired. We cannot transfer them once there expired either and have to send a remediation plan to bcc if we do plan to re test.

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Back in the day, 2017-2018 during the Dank Vapes days I saw a LOT of carts with that issue. Saw some dude trapping DARK ass carts a year or so later, in knockoff packaging like Cookies and Dank, and that leads to me think those carts also had metal contamination. My guess is said trapper just couldn’t sell them that fast and they leached metal over time so he continued to post them.

Sad world.

I don’t think anyone mentioned anything about it being purchased illegally my friend

I was just trippin on the date, as we haven’t sold any to retails in a while. Was surprised to see it still be on shelves. Also when OP said his homie got alot I assumed (my fault) that that meant it wasn’t a rec purchase as I don’t consider 8 vapes a lot.


So its the retailer’s fault. Makes sense.

Probably couldnt sell them fast enough or had an over abundance or forgot about a bunch and decided to sell them, worst case scenario is they’re knock-off’s but that would be black market, which is crossed off the list.

My bad for the misunderstanding as well my friend

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Whats crazy is we offer full refunds on any expired products (it doesn’t happen a lot) so you would think they would reach out to their rep and ask for them to be returned.



I think said retailer just didn’t want to lose any money and got greedy and sold the expired products

Article 16 here - covers the increase of heavy metal contaminates over time.

There’s evidence that leeching does occur. You won’t know if its happening or if the formulation is shelf stable without actually checking. I’ve seen oxidation and an increase in HM in less than 90 days. I don’t know what this expiration date is about - I’d probably call and ask. Its possible that its just a regulatory requirement. Its also possible that they did a shelf study and determined how long their formulations can last under normal conditions - that’s what we do at my company. We check each product to make sure its shelf stable and if its not, then we give it an expiration date that happens about a month before it would otherwise expire - so people can buy it up to the expiration date, and then still be using it before it “goes bad”. Here’s another article about heavy metals testing and post use contaminates (use being after testing the original product)

I suppose people could be concerned about potential heavy metal contamination causing long term health impacts. We don’t have any evidence that’s specific about that yet. The FDA says no one should be using these products because we don’t have any evidence they are safe AND we have evidence that some of them are not safe (aka EVALI scary bad bad stuff).

Here’s an article about vape carts (regardless of what’s in them) having heavy metal leakage and potentially leading to increased cancer.

And here’s a summary study (pretty terrible, but the research is limited) covering using vapes in general, that also includes THC and other things that THC products have in them which can lead to worse health outcomes than not using them.

So you know - don’t smoke those things that say they are expired. You can always take the oil out of the cart and do a little heavy metal remediation and then put it back into a new cart…if you have a lot of these carts. So its not a total loss. In pharma we call that reprocessing - and it happens way more often than anyone likes to admit. :wink:


I’m near Washington DC, this guy/friend, aka a vendor I know is marketing himself as the banana berry farm East coast rep, even selling banana berry farm shirts

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really going all out by carrying the shirts, that’s classic lol

East coast rep for a California cannabis company. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha


So said east coast rep got possibly backdoored products with HM contamination?

Retailers are shady if so