Experienced Extractor Looking for Work



I am an experienced extraction manager looking for new work. I have a graduate degree in Chemistry and 5+ years in both extraction and lab testing. I have run and design facilities producing many kilos/day distillate. My biggest specialty is wiped film (up to 99% cannabinoids on first pass) and the setup of large facilities, as well as HPLC/GC. Based in OR currently with OLCC worker permit, but willing to relocate. DM me for more specific information.


Wow 99 on first pass? Please share. Is short path worthless? Is wfe better when it comes to purity?


I have my doubts as well, was waiting for the day to press on and more people to be on.

If @MagisterChemist is reliably getting 99% on first pass he/she might as well be the goose that laid the golden egg.

That bit of satire is associated with the fact that I’m genuinely in complete disbelief that this is possible. I would absolutely love to be proven wrong.


Are you willing to relocate to Southern California ?


I always thought that wiped film is faster than SPD but cannot separate as well as a smaller SPD setup. Im sure that the pre/post processing has a lot to do with getting 99% on the first pass, but even that is a bit unbelievable.


That’s the general consensus.


Let me clarify a little bit. I said up to 99%. I do hit 99% on some batches first pass and I have test results to document it. But a more typical range might be 93+. Secondly that is total cannabinoids not 99% THC. Hitting 99% is a combination running fresh undegraded material for the crude and certain pre-processing.


What type of crude? As in, CO2, BHO, etc.


I’ve done this with BHO and Ethanol. Haven’t run much CO2.


can you explain the benefits of fresh material? I always figured since I’m gonna decarb anyway and I’m isolating thc or CBD, any degradation that happens from sitting in trash bags for a year doesn’t really affect the molecule. Especially when thc is shielded under a layer of waxes and terpenes.

I’m curious, not attacking you


Fair enough, I can see that with well extracted cryo etoh or butane oil. It just seems like a big claim when some people struggle to get 80% with badly extracted crude.


I don’t know what to tell those people who are having those problems reaching 80% without knowing their practices but I would suspect their pre-processing is inadequate. No reason anyone should be getting under 85% first pass even with old material.

On the issue of fresh material, I admit I do not know the exact cause myself. It is just a consistent pattern i’ve observed. My speculation is that components degrade not only into CBN but also into things that are not on the standard test panel, and subsequently turn up as “missing” percentages in HPLC potency test.


Trust me when I say, the issue lies in everything else that’s pulled via warm etoh or CO2 that’s pushed too far into the supercritical range. I currently only have experience processing CO2 crude, and if not done properly, regardless of post processing, it can be very difficult to get 90% tested for cannabinoids. There’s a lot of isomerization that can happen as a result of acids pulled from the biomass, so regardless of how well ran or how many passes you run on the material, mystery peaks keep the numbers low.

I apologize if I’ve come off as abrasive, I just wanted to understand if and how it was possible. This makes me pretty excited about my switch to hydrocarbon closed loop later this year.


What i’m saying isn’t old/bad crude vs cryo crude. It is material harvested this year vs been in turkey bags for two years. I can run both on the exact same extraction method and get a better wiped film result on the former. And my result from the later isn’t bad. I can still get 93+. Just not 99.


Yes I would be open to that. DM me please.


You are experiencing isomerization when you use older product that has sat in a bag for a year. You need to isomerize it again to make it a more pallatable form again. THC isomerizes to CBN which can isomerize again to Delta 9-thc.


May I ask how you isomerize cbn to thc?


I’m with you. I’ve distilled on short path, spinning band, and wiped film. Also worked with ethanol, CO2, and various hydrocarbon blend crude. Getting 99% cannabinoids on first pass is highly unrealistic. Unless you have tons of pre-processing SOP’s and are willing to accept horrendous losses. Between cost of pre-processing, time involved with procedures, and low yields, “that’s gonna be a ‘no’ for me dawg”.


Are you interested in some consulting work?


I have access to all my test results for every extract I make and can pull up any run in the past 11-10 months right now and post them. I want to see these unicorn jizz disty results