Experience with AVD GoodCarts?

@avd710 / @AVID has a new line of carts called GoodCarts at an attractive price point.

They look just like the CCELL press-on thermoplastics.

Has anyone tried them? I can’t find reviews anywhere. Samples on the way to us.


This is a product that we discontinued, but that our old distributor, Next Level LLC has chosen to keep selling.

The difference is that the metals being used is eco-friendly and not “lead-free” which means they may have a greater risk of not passing heavy metals as there is 10x more lead in this type of copper. The difference in cost is significant.

The other issue is that they are using a different ceramic core that we initially believed produced slightly more cloud, but less flavorful. We had high hopes for it with our early testing.

However, after large batch testing, we noticed a significant variation in the porosity of the ceramic coil from the supplier and was not able to get it under better control. The coil is about half the cost compared to the coil we used in our AVD brand. I guess you get what you pay for.

This variance causes concerns with consistency, leakage and clogging, so we canceled the product line. Regardless, Next Level just wants to push orders and so they are “knowingly” dumping these cheaper products into the market. Noticed recently that Marijuana Packaging was selling them dirt cheap. Good luck!


Straight from the source. Thanks!


They sound like GoodCarts™ to me


Give them the special carts


My original goal when making AVD was that they would be priced more affordable like GoodCarts since the only innovation around the brand was simply improved quality controls by having an American-based team in China directly working with raw material suppliers and our factory partners, which are simply assembly shops.

As many have already pointed out, we didn’t really create any new innovation or design, we simply just took what was out there and made it better and more consistent. Nothing too difficult. They were and are Good. Unfortunately, I don’t think of the GoodCarts being sold as Good. I think they are worrisome if you’re a brand operator, like I once was. But that is just my opinion. What would I know? Im only the creator, investor and operator in China.

My overall BOM + Labor cost is about $.65 per unit at the factory for AVD and when I calculate other overhead such as rent, taxes and that my investors need to make a return on their investment, I’m at about $.80 per unit out the door.

Of course, shipping costs have exploded since Covid and the increased 26% tariff is where all the added cost is now. Roughly $.24 per unit by commercial air. The majority of sellers continue to severely underreport the declared value on these products, but when you build a legit brand and are under more scrutiny by competitors and the ITC, you can only get away with that practice for so long. Paying only $.07 instead of $.26 is a big savings per unit.

Therefore, we have been working on the next phase of our business with our own patented IP, new and improved coil design - employing a mesh coil that has been introduced in e-cig in years past, but rarely utilized in cannabis and like others, making slight adjustments with the use of zirconia, which we simply find to be the most premium experience. We believe this is more like what AVD was supposed


yessir. A bit on the expensive side but I dig the hardware, great customer service too from my experience. Bought 20K pieces. Interested to hear your feedback once you see them.

Curious to hear any feedback on the GoodCarts yet?

Do you have a Seattle rep for buying carts locally? If so can you dm me their info?

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Did you see @AVID’s reply?

I received my samples but don’t plan on bothering to refill them unless you can put their claims under significant doubt.