Expensive af quartz bangers/dish inserts

Hi all

Do really expensive bangers like highly educated or toro really make a difference compared to cheaper stuff? Are there different grades of quartz?

What about the dish inserts, how well do those work? M thinking is tht perhaps the oil will take longer to reach cannabinoid vaping temp hence you might have a fulll spectrum dab, low temps at first and higher as it heats up?

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i use all chinese cheap quartz rigs and bangers. My little brother…much broker only buys the most expensive glass. He bought his first motheship like 5 years ago and its been a downward spiral ever since. From Evan shore bangers to some of the most expensive pieces ive seen.

All the time i dab over there…i get no higher or have a better experience than i get with my cheap $7-13 bangers. Once i figured out how to clean and properly care for my chinese quartz…ive havent replaced a banger in like 2 years…with 2g of concentrates dabbed out them daily.

Just the other day, one of my chinese rigs broke in the ultrasonic cleaner. It was $26. I didnt get mad for one second and i loved that rig…what i did was bought another exact same rig and used this opportunity to try another $35 rig.

i used to have a $200+ a month blunt habit, in which i had to buy a sam’s club card just to buy my blunts in bulk just to get it to a manageable habit. If i buy a new rig and banger for under $50 every 3 months…then im well ahead of the game. i use these for sometime and give them away typically. I really dont give a shit. Some of the chinese rigs here ive had for over 5 years. If i find something i like, no matter where its manufactured. i like it. If your a hypebeast and need the most expensive glass and stuff…i get it. I use to be that dude with a bust down rolex wearing $1000 Js. Once you get home evaded a few times…you lose all desire to be the man and feel owning stuff like that is funny.


THANK YOU!!! Can’t say that enough…temp ur best friend!


Thats pretty gangsta fam:sunglasses::joy:
Here i was thinking dabbin 1g a day feeling like a junkie. Here in Spain what people call a ‘‘joint’’ is the entire content of a malrboro ciggarette with about a corn kernel sized bit of bud sprinkled on top, or same amount or less of hash.
So ye torching up a nail IS NOT! popular.

Im the same ive only been buying rigs off dhgate and have been extremely pleased. That said when it comes to titanium nails the ones i got cheap defo arent as good as the one i have from highly educated which was a gift.

How do you go about keeping your banger clean then?

Yeah for instance… Unless someone here teaches me how to use this damn nail…I’m right back to my cup!!! 1/4 the size dab …low temp perfect hit! $40 rig…

This thing garbage to me unless someone shows me how to use and not waste…just like the original terp slurper nail I got I tossed in the trash after couple days!

If I have to get any hotter to get some smoke it’s gonna be plastic AF! Can’t bare to smoke my wonderful tasting stuff through anything if don’t taste like I know does! And when I hit low temp I don’t get anything, I have to put 5x the amount of oil w this nail…WTF. Bad design until I’m shown how to use properly

The loop black bc the first season reclaim dab that didn’t “pull” all the way around

Maybe if I had small rig with less space to pull through might help idk