Expected yeilds from ethonal extraction?

How many grams of oil should one expect per oz of mid grade outdoor flower when doing ethanol extraction including winterization? Currently I’m pulling 2.5g per oz. In previous years I have been able to pull 4g but even that feels low. Any input it appreciated.

All depends on how potent starting material is.

1.5# machine trim I can pull 100g crudenready for the spd. Winterized, decarbd, purged

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Mass balance as in taking weight before and after? how do you account for the left over ethanol?

So around a 14% yield return, so depending on potency I am leaving behind some oil in I’m only getting 8% returns. I have a few strains to run and I will see what changes with those. I’m going to run 6oz of Maui waui outdoors tonight and I will report back on my yields from there.

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Follow the link.

And make the math easier on yourself and work in grams…

Follow the cannabinoids not just the cadabinoids…

Raw yield is only a very rough metric.

What is your desired end product?

You posted under distillation, so I’m guessing you’re heading to distillate…

I didn’t see the link yesterday Ooof. But I will read through it today. Thanks for sharing!

I am currently making winterized honey oil and am smoking that because I don’t have SPD yet. I just realized I posted in the wrong area thats a double ooof lol.

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Measure weight of biomass / volume of ethanol used.

After Extraction take a measured volume of ethanol and evaporate it down to crude. Weigh crude

Crude Weight / Ethanol Volume (Divided by) Weight Biomass / Volume Ethanol Used = Yield


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