EXCLUSIVE: Businesses selling Delta-8 THC products raided by police sparks lawsuit

You were so sure…

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Thanks for sharing

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They’ll have to prove it in court

The Gwinnett County DA said it is illegal under the Hemp act

Classic. Think of the children…

and said some Delta-8 products have caused a number of children to have psychotic episodes.

Georgia is interesting in that there’s precedent that requires knowledge that a product is unlawful. I think a lawyer could make a case that companies like Black Press who mill PR and have convinced the majority of the country that this stuff is unquestionably legal have misled the public

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No mens rea, which means “a guilty mind” is pretty much saying “I didn’t know I was doing anything wrong” and is a legal phrase, although I don’t think it works in America, like jury nullification(fija)…

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And subsequent lawsuit

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As a Georgia Resident, I’ve been following all this stuff pretty closely, especially since I’m trying to establish a business out here. It’s quite frightening that all of this is happening, but thankfully I’m not in Gwinnett County (It’s about 50ish mins from me). I have spoken to a few local law enforcement near me and to their knowledge, in my area, they consider Delta 8/Delta 10 to be legal. The few smoke shops I’ve questioned about all of this have also stated that they plan to continue selling products until “they are raided”.

A scare like this came around May of last year, but after 3 months of not selling products, a lot of the places put D8/etc back on their shelves. It looks like this time though they’re being a bit more “brave” about it.