Exciting Investment Opportunity in AZ CBD to D9 THC Market

Dear Members of the Community,

I hope this message finds you well. With immense gratitude, I’d like to share some thrilling developments in my entrepreneurial journey within the Arizona Cannabis market. I started a thread looking for a CBD Isolate partner for my business and with your support, I’ve partnered with a CBD Isolate partner and now I’m on the hunt to find an investor to expand this venture further!

Investment Opportunity: Expanding AZ CBD to D9 THC Operation

I am seeking an investment of $95,000 to accelerate the growth of my operation. This investment will be strategically allocated as follows:

  • $40,000 for Machinery Purchases: To enhance production capacity and efficiency.
  • $30,000 for Working Capital: To ensure smooth day-to-day operations.
  • $25,000 for Raw Material Purchases: To meet increasing demand and maintain production flow.

Background and Current Progress

My journey in the AZ cannabis space spans over a decade, reflecting a deep commitment and understanding of this market. Recently, I ventured into a project that showcases a fusion of innovation and market acumen and couldn’t be more proud my myself, my partner and my main operator. Here’s some highlights of us:

  • Custom-Built Machinery: Designed, built and automated the conversion process of CBD to high-quality D9 THC oil. I’m able to react, wash, remove solvent and distill over the course of 48 hours with only 4 hours of actual operator time.
  • Production Capabilities: My current setup allows the production of approximately 200kg per month in a compact 400 sq ft space with just two operators (me and my main guy).
  • Market Presence: Currently selling 20kg monthly with preorders scaling up to 100kg. The market demand is robust, with potential clients interested in larger orders and the only thing holding us back from landing the large buyers (100-200kg monthly) is the proof that it’s on the shelf and ready for next day delivery. Without that, these players don’t want to engage with us but have instilled in us that if we can convince them that our supply is constant, guaranteed and available for next day turnaround, we’ll have their business.

Unique Selling Points

  1. Innovative Conversion Process: Our unique method yields under 3% D8 THC with zero purple oxidation, overcoming common industry challenges. Our process protects the oil so well that it oxidizes at a slower rate than naturally derived THC.

  2. Efficient Production: The machinery I’ve developed significantly reduces the resources and time needed, setting us apart from conventional production methods. Like I mentioned above, we can turnaround 25kg CBD in 48 hours with only 4 hours of actual operator time.

The Road Ahead

I’m at a pivotal point where scaling is not just a goal but a necessity to meet the market’s growing demands. Securing this investment is critical in leveraging our position to capture a larger market share and to establish a solid inventory base for new clients.

Invitation to Collaborate

If you’re exploring opportunities in the cannabis sector or are an experienced investor in this field, I’d be thrilled to share our detailed pitch deck, which we’ve opted to keep private for strategic reasons.

Thank you for considering this opportunity and for your continued support. I am excited about the potential synergies and mutual growth that this investment could bring to both of us.

Warm regards,


Note: I listed my cell in my original thread but have since gotten a new phone so please DM me here if interested and I’m happy to start conversations!

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