EUROSTAR 200 digital Stirring System $1599

Item Model/Manufacturer: IKA
Description: EUROSTAR 200 digital Stirring System
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EUROSTAR 200 digital

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Extremely powerful laboratory stirrer for highly viscous applications and intensive mixing for quantities up to 100 l (H2O). It automatically adjusts the speed through microprocessor controlled technology within the speed range of 0/6 – 2000 rpm (two speed ranges). Safety circuits installed ensures automatic cut-off in an anti-stall or overload conditions. Continuous comparison of shaft speed to desired speed is maintained and variations are adjusted automatically. This guarantees a constant speed even with changes in viscosities of the sample.

  • • Digital speed display
  • • Infinitely adjustable speed
  • • Push-through agitator shafts
  • • Overload protection
  • • Short-term overload operation
  • • Slim casing
  • • Quiet operation
  • • Error code display