EtOH Pro or no?

Awesome! So processing crude from 5lbs of hemp should be no problem for it. I’ve not done too many ethanol extractions. Up until this point I’ve mostly run a hydrocarbon cls. Man the throughput on the 50l is insane.

May be a silly question, but how does a chiller speed up a still? For re condensing ethanol?

Take that Edward’s and run! Who packages an E30 w a roto??


Recovery requires evap & condense. A chiller helps with condensing. Vacuum lowers the evap & condense temps. So in order to use vacuum, one generally needs a chiller. With a lower evap temp (and same boiler temp), there is a greater delta-T across the evap heat exchanger, so it works better. So long as you can keep up on the condensing side (have enough chiller), then things go faster…

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Ahh… I figured it was something like that. Didn’t really think that one thru. Damn really loving this forum so far, tons of useful information.


I’m interested to see your setup once complete. I cobbled together a frankenstill out of shit that I already had just to see what kind of output I can get. Hope to get her dialed in this week.



Who says you can’t distill ethanol with a CLS!!


Two shotguns and vac assist? Or are those just jacketed/dewaxing columns?!?

2” shotgun main condenser and a 3” dephlag at the vac port in hopes of keeping etoh out of the pump. It appears to be working. Closed loop pot is sitting on a large mag stirrer. Im waiting on a new stir bar, the one that I have doesn’t like the bottom of the closed loop pot. I also cut the downtube from the underside of the cls lid and smoothed it out.


I have an etho pro I will sell for 500, barely used. I will also have a 2L roto and water asp in 3-4 weeks also barely used. Dm if interested .


fiero gt, hell yeah i love pontiacs lol

Lol, foxbody mustang.

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I’d be interested to see what rotovap you’ll have for sale!

VERY interested in the Etoh Pro. Created an account so I could DM you.

Skip the 2L roto. I’d get at least a 5L if you’re only planning on running ~50lb per week or less. You can pick one up for about a grand, but if you have 2k to drop I’d splurge for a nicer model than the RE-501.

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Son of a whore!!! I was gonna do the same on a smaller scale for a gallon. Tell me the rates you achieve.

What kind of hosing and fittings are going for the jacket? I have a 6×6 jacketed base and I haven’t gotten it running yet. I have 1/2 male connections and no adapters or hoses.

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I don’t know who it was. By the time I got involved it had been negotiated.

It rips along pretty well until the chiller can no longer keep up. Once I dial in the optimal heating temp, I’ll know for sure. I’m just running regular thicker walled clear tubing (1/2" I think) from the hardware store from the heater to the base. I’m also building a 10 gallon externally heated still, without vacuum. It won’t require a chiller at all, just a 55 gallon drum full of water circulating through the condenser. I’m going to use a 5kw induction cooker for this one. My 2" shotgun condenser knocks down all vapor at 5.5kw no problem. I think though if I go much above 10 gallon pot size, I’ll need to plumb a heat exchanger in which allows me to run indefinitely, especially when I run the heat exchanger in a non-heated area.

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Do you still have the EtOH PRO for sale?

Yes . Dm me