Etoh lab for sale

I have a contact with an entire etoh washing setup and skid. (Edited as I’ve been informed the KD10 was not there or present, unfortunately this was passed on so reopened for sales of equipment)


They also have a 100 count cart filler and capper shark for $12k

And this chiller for $8k

I’ll keep adding more photos that o have of confirmed items that are there as I get better service throughout the day.

What would they want for just the kd10?

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I can see if they’ll sell it separately

Ill likely take the kd10 and other stuff if no one else already reached out :sweat_smile: dm’d you.

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Why is the price so low?

I’ll buy this thing right now lol


My thoughts too. That a whole pinnacle and chemtech. Each one is worth the asking price plus.

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They’re closing shop due to not being able to keep up with power needs from having to run on gennys they rent so they’d rather close this chapter and continue elsewhere.

@slickric174 snagged this whole setup :handshake:t3:


Appreciate it as always man… stoked to get all this into my lab

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My pleasure to help brother

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I am interested in the whole set up hit me up if it’s still available

Is the KD-10 still available?

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The KD-10 was never available. I would caution against purchasing anything from these people

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So they were trying to sell everything but the kd-10 I was pretty bummed I didn’t get to scoop this but now seems like it’s more headache then it was worth, sorry to hear that there were issues @slickric174


Yeah I was unaware and only a point of contact for them to be able to find people to sell equipment for so I am sorry to @slickric174 and his team for what they dealt with but yes the kd10 was missing upon his arrival which is very unfortunate.

Have confirmed these items to be there with these folks

Are you going to make any issues with the equipment right?

If not maybe let the owners post it and don’t try to get a middleman fee for posting something with no guarantee.

The fact that you said the kd10 was available and now isn’t is shady and yet you are still trying to make a sale for stuff that you don’t even have physical contact with.

This hurts the credibility of this site being a place to find used equip. I’m gonna use bid spotter because they won’t pull the wiper last minute lol.

You just named almost every equipment seller…

But it wasn’t on me to confirm what items were there in the beginning. I’m doing this now to provide transparency and so nothing like that happens again. I was completely unaware and not even getting a middle man fee I did this from kindness to help a friend get his contacts equipment moved.

No one was on site of this facility till day of pickup from what I was told. Which is why I had requested photos of confirmed items there. I feel really bad for what happened with @slickric174 and trust me when I say o feel really bad I mean it. I’ve driven and hand delivered equipment to him myself. I would never run a sale the way those folks did during their ordeal.