Ethos 6, Ares FFE, 25L centrifuge, Pope 4" distillation machine

Selling a full line of extraction to distillation equipment. The equipment will take you from extraction all the way to a distillate output.

Capna Ethos 6: Less than 1 year of actual usage.

25L Centrifuge : Less than 1 year of actual usage.

Ares FFE: Less than 1 year of actual usage.

Pope 4" Distillation system: Less than 1 year of actual usage.

Packaged price is $80,000. Paid roughly $300,000 for everything. All equipment is currently sitting in a storage facility in Texas.

FYI In today’s market you’ll probably be lucky to get $5k for the ethos. The same for the tiny fuge, considering you can buy them from the manufacturer for about that.

Maybe $20k for the wiper? I’m not sure what a tiny pope goes for these days.

I can’t see too much more than that for the Ares, I’ve never heard anyone excited to run or own one…

Good luck.

how much only for Pope?

Price has been lowered to $50,000

25k? Market is gonna be hard to pay more.

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@Arolls215 Open to trades?

30k take it?

Can we get on a call together to discuss? @callen1969

no im sorry

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Sure. (714)797-2976.