Ethanol Shatter/Crumble into Edible form.

Strange, doing what you say is bad helped me beat cancer post chemo.


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Thanks for your help :slight_smile: - no excuse needed friend! I’m going to decarb some of it and try melting some of it into oil like you suggested! See if she prefers one over the other.

Back to your question…I second cyclopath’s 1g/10ml method. I do it for my grandmother as well. With that formulation, dosing is very easy and can be applied to anything she pleases. You can put it in caps, straight in the mouth, in cookies, mashed potatoes and gravy, tea (if you don’t mind the bit of oil), etc.


I wouldn’t mind knowing what toxic byproduct of butane/isobutane/propane create when there is zero residuals left.

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Hey also does anyone know why the shatter I extracted with denatured ethanol 95% n-heptane 5% taste like chemical trash? Do I need to increase temperature to evaporate that off? I fucked up and bought 55gal of this solvent the trim I ran taste like garbage. @dred_pirate do you know what my issue may be?

@dred_pirate also man congrats on beating cancer! That’s awesome :slight_smile:

Now look at you - spitting knowledge at all the underlings lol.

There is none man. He’s just perpetuating a level of ignorance that he learned from someone else that doesn’t know.

Hydrocarbon extractions are nothing new and have been used long before cannabis got involved.

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Was your ethanol denatured with bitrex? I made the mistake once and ruined a lot of product by mixing it into oil before realizing how nasty it was

I got it from laballey - Denatured ethanol 95% n-heptane 5% is what they emailed me

Aaahhhh. The heptane!

You need to get that out of there. You should definitely only be “vaporizing” pure ethanol. In very small amounts. Very small

That stuff is not food grade/kosher. Not that, that says anything.

And thank you, sir. I am still actively keeping my tumor markers at bay. Some months ago they jumped up a little bit and I will need to get them checked again soon

residual heptane tastes sweet…don’t ask how I know

although huffing it might give a different response…


@cyclopath then what do you think it is that is tasting bitter?

@dred_pirate yea that’s what I was afraid of lol - spent 600$ on this freaking drum of solvent thinkin I was getting a deal. It’s been denatured so it’s definitely not meant for consumption. I just thought I would be able to evap most of it away. Also i’m sure you’ve looked into all kinds of stuff to help with your cancer. My grandma went on raw veggies and just basically an all natural organic diet to combat her breast cancer. You’d be surprised how much changing your diet can change your life!

Heat it to decarb temps. If it is still extremely bitter, then they added denatonium benzoate to deter people from consuming.

Well if that’s the case then i’m getting a refund :wink: - so fingers crossed lol i’m decarbing it tomorrow.

what temp did you extract? Almost all cannabis extracts taste bitter in my experience. even those that taste good on a nail. warm ethanol over hemp is my least favorite. even the blondest EHO shatters I’ve made have all tasted bitter when eaten straight.

except for the stuff with residual heptane…

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Diet and surroundings are extremely important. If your mind and body aren’t healthy. How can you heal.

Environment is extremely important for healing. If you are able to procure any other novel cannabinoids, do include them if you can. If you are able to aquire some mother liquor from any cbd guys, that would be a great help, the abundance of cbn, cbg, cbc and thc (compared to other oils) will help her rest.

Capsules are also an easy delivery method. And easy to dose