Ethanol recovery Setup

Rotovap work with chiller,full Setup for Solvent recovery

Idk why y’all use that vacuum pump across all of the rebranded equipment. That thing is terrible. Some might even say that it sucks.


We have different vacuum pumps, this one is the most commonly used, my friend

I say it sucks but sometimes just bad enough that its its own vac regulator


Idk man I have an SHB-95. For $900 it gets the job done and then some.

Everything in this picture has caused me pain in some way or another. 5 valves tied together is 5*2 places for leaks to occur. I’ve accidently knocked the tube off the pump and got sprayed.

None of the above has ever happened with a Welch.

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If you order the Setup now I’ll send you the vac pump for free, my friend

Well, hey, a 2052B is 4x as expensive.

You’re right about 10 potential leak points and the fact that it’s a pain, but that 4x reduction in price and intelligent reinvestment means that you can get your operation going until it’s time for a replacement!

The Welch is obviously wayyy wayyyy better and it’s a diaphragm so you don’t have to worry about oil changes and misting


If every tech I hired was as great as @TheGratefulPhil I wouldn’t worry as much. I like things to be excuse proof for the techs. No solvent logged water to change. No levels to maintain. No valves to watch if you move the unit.
I have some type of shb-95 running on a YHchem roto too, which decided to break on its third use. It does the vacuum job but I would never suggest for someone to buy one with the amount of used gear flying around lately.

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We also have diaphragm vacuum pump, my friend

Our diaphragm pump


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post that publically!

Stop hiding the numbers in shadows and post prices for your items. You damn sales make the person spending $$$ jump thru too many damn hoops.

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