Ethanol Penetrating Power vs. The Need To Grind Biomass?


Are y’all grinding your biomass for EToH extraction?

I’ve seen discussions of “which grinder at different scales”, “efficient way to grind” etc… But nothing about the actual necessity of this step itself?

i.e. Nobody seems to call out the NEED or STEP for grinding their biomass in the popularly circulated SOPs so curious if the rest of the community is actually doing this? Or maybe it’s law of diminishing returns re: time + SOP of grinding at scale VS. negligible increase in yield?

Historically, we’ve ground our bio because when dealing with whole flower or even trim + popcorn, the flowers themselves become dense and compressed, especially when dried and stored in bales at large volumes.

Our reasoning for the grind is that EToH does not easily penetrate these dense flower structures, especially given reasonably short solvent residence times. Even when only 1/4" popcorn size - grinding “opens” these dense flowers up exposing the desirable compounds inside making more surface area for the ethanol to easily strip from.

Curious the opinion of the community on EToH penetrating power vs. the need to grind.


No grind just break it up some


I think the other point is if you grind the material you can fit more in per run.


My last wash I did aprox 13.5lbs material. At least 11lbs was machine (twister t4) trim, the rest was flower/popcorn. I did not break up the popcorn (forgot). After spin drying the biomass, the popcorn nuggets were still popcorn nuggets. I opened them up, and kicked myself in the ass for not breaking them up. The entire center of the popcorn was untouched bulky the ethanol. Even though I did a cryo 40min soak.

I prefer my twister teim, as with my own ethanol wash sop, I dont pick up any nasties.


They’ll embarrass the hell outta ya every time then damn nuggets