Ethanol For sale 200 proof fire sale

Item Model/Manufacturer: 200 proof ethanol food grade
Description: 55 or 330 gallon totes
Price/MSRP: $ $10-12 gallon + shipping
Current location of item: So Cal
Estimated lead time: 3 Days
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller: direct from seller
User support / Warranty: Comes with COA.

Also have 99.9% iso in 55’s make me an offer have way to many of them. They are on pallets 4 to a pallet strapped.

Moving across the country trying to sell as much of this stuff as I can. I have 2000+ gallons.


That’s quite the sale. $660 for a 55 gal + shipping? Save around $1000 like that. That’s a great deal.

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LA buyers dream

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Im not trying to move this shit across the country.

I feel it lol. I am a mass liquidator every time I relocate

I wonder how much it would cost to ship 55 gal to N.Cal? The hazmat fee would probably be nuts.

nah, we got it figured out. DM me

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Seriously? a gallon for 10 bucks? Fuck man I just bought everclear for 17/l. wish I saw this

sure if u buy 55. sold 300 last week

Oh I misunderstood. Do you sell gallons or liters?

What would shipping look like to NY?

They’re selling 55gallon barrels or 330gallon totes of ethanol or 55gal’s of isopropyl

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prob around 500 dm me an address and whether or not u have a fork lift. also how much am I cheking on 300 gall or 55?