Ethanol Extractors for Sale, 9 in Stock

Item: HP-40 Ethanol Extractor (9 Units in stock)

Location: Southbridge, MA

Price: $69,000 + Shipping

Specification Sheet will be posted soon. The HP-40 is capable of processing up to 120lbs of dried hemp flower per hour. We are able to provide a full turn key hemp flower to crude or distillate package with installation and training if desired.

A la carte:
3-Stage filtration system that works in line with the extractor (we manufacture this)
Solvent holding tank for ethanol laden crude and/or recovered ethanol from falling film evaporator
Falling Film Evaporator capable of 50+ gallons of ethanol recovery per hour (we manufacture this)

Please DM for additional information or with any questions.



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Definitely interested in seeing that cut sheet. And yes! Pics!

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HP40-40 Gallon Ethanol Extractor (4).pdf (1.8 MB)

Please see this PDF for Cut Sheet

$69k is just for the vessel and motor/fittings?

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@skywalker000420 You are correct in stating that the $69,000 is just for the vessel with the motor/fittings. We offer a discount for GLG members for the extraction vessel and all of our a la carte equipment. Feel free to e-mail me at with any additional questions. If you would like to discuss over a phone call we can arrange that as well.

We have a few of these left and are letting them go for $35k+ shipping for anyone interested.

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Iā€™d like some more info
Also looking for an evaporator to keep up with it

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Can also be easily converted to run butane

I have a 90gph film unit I would let go for cheap

Only used for two runs and stored for the last year