Ethanol Extraction White Paper



No. I said if you don’t care about the terps… then less water means less work.

So they are equivalent if you’re heading to distillate.


Are there actually any news about the ACE-30?
Are units already produced or are already in use?


Ace spinner? Wow! 85k? Wow!


I just got done browsing a whole array of spinners and I’m becoming suspect as to why an “Alibaba” spinner (that looks exactly like some of the companies advertising here) wont do the job? What’s the catch? What sets Delta, Ace, HZB apart from the Alibaba advertised models? Is it bc of a US Peer-Review cert of some sort?
*I have never ordered anything from Alibaba before but I have a few collogues in the industry that have had great success from ordering from them, then again they didn’t order a HUGE ass spinner either.


Centrifuges aren’t able to be flooded typically. However, now they are being advertised as being able to soak. Maybe they are modifying their existing units. I dont see a cooling jacket on them either.


Ace30, delta, hzb are all jacketed, and floodable.

Haven’t seen the engineering report on the others, but the Ace will have one shortly. None in the wild until that happens…

Edit: …and mine can’t accidentally eat the operator. Bock made that mistake. I don’t see a lid interlock on the other guys rig…do you?


I was referencing the Chinese centrifuges. None were floodable until now. Jackets probably coming soon!


First Ace30 units are in the US as of yesterday. I should have access shortly. First customer install still a couple or three weeks out.


Are there any centrifuges compatible with liquid hydrocarbons like heptane? Is the Ace compatible?


I am not sure yet. It was not spec’d to be. Bunna, Teflon, stainless, polycarbonate.


Heard the Ace gaskets don’t come in contact with the solvent, and may be good with heptane, etc. Look forward to seeing I suppose.


Great to hear that, please keep us updated on this!


All of those materials have “excellent” compatibility with hexane in the reports I just looked up. So we’re looking good so far.