Ethanol extraction equipment for sale in Colorado

Selling off equipment from our ethanol processing facility. If you are interested in any of the equipment listed below please contact me for more information. It is located in Durango, CO.

Items for sale include:

12 liter Short Path Distillation setup from Lab Society with Fraction finder, welch vacuum pump, mechanical cold trap, extra glass accessories

3 x 20 liter rotovap’s from Across International with chillers, vacuum pumps, mechanical cold traps, digital/mechanical vacuum regulators, dual condenser coil packages

2 x 20 liter jacketed reactors from Across International with chillers and one recirculating oil heater, overhead stirrers, and accessories

20.8 Cu Ft. -86 Ultra Low freezer from USA Labs

20 Gallon jacketed centrifuge with chiller

40 gallon jacketed tank from SS Brewtech with chiller

4 x Stainless Steel large filter housings from East Coast Filters

Is your centrifuge still available?

Is your short path system still available and if so what is all included and how much is it. Thank you for your time.

Looking for two of the filter housings. Are these available?