Ethanol extraction centrifuge equipment in LA

Item Model/Manufacturer:Centrifuge30-60-110L
Description:Can be soaked, with jacket, two-way operation, with controller, filter bags.
Price/MSRP: $7600
Current location of item:US
Estimated lead time: 1-2Days
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller
User support / Warranty: One year

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Larger centrifuge, available in stock in LA, fast delivery.

Centrifuge offers a turnkey solution with chillers.

Centrifuges 60L and 110L are still available in stock, and 30L has been sold out.

PSZ-600, 110L Only the last one can be ordered, first come first served!

Whatsapp, 86 17839983630

Centrifuge 30 lb biomass, provides chiller work.

There are four more centrifuges PSZ-450 and two centrifuges PSZ-600.

The Centrifuge PSZ-600 is the last one available. If you like it, please order it soon.

Whatsapp, 86 17839983630

UL certified centrifuge PSZ-600, good price

Welcome to order PSZ-450 and PSZ-600

The last centrifuge PSZ-600 is available for order

Popular centrifuges, and a small number of units in LA.

All machines must be tested before delivery.

Centrifuges PSZ-450 (60L) and PSZ-600 (110L) are in stock in LA
Whatsapp, 86 17839983630