Essential Oils for vape flavouring

Hey guys,

Does anybody know or is there any literature available pertaining to the health risks associated with vaping essential oils? It seems like it would be ten times easier to use essential oils as flavouring but I’m also concerned that essential oils may be toxic to vape. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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Any oil is not a great vaping product
But hè i use all type of oils and essential oils so???
Most oils Will condensate in the lungs and
Might for a film on the lungs
So healty probably not
Dangerous Any thing taken to Many can get You killed

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Most info i have found on parfume specialist sites
Not exactly msds sheets but Ok
Also have a look at homeophatic medicine
They use Many oils for inhealing and steambaths ( like your head over a bowl underneath a towel)
Gives a cleu to Whats Ok and what is not done

O by the way greengo is a french dutch company that has been making a tabaco substitute for Some years now
Up to now No lawsuits so their ingriedients even thou secret can be analized by a parfumeur ( Guy with a Amazing nose ) to tell Whats in iT and give You Some compounds that are sort of safe to inhale
Another source is Anciant or traditional smoking habbits of difrent cultures
Indonesia smoke a lot of clove
South Afrika has several flowers
And so on there are Many things gooing up in smoke other than tabaco

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There’s alot to consider, and you absolutely won’t find sufficient information to make a safe decision for yourself or others. So feel free to try, but nobody here can or should tell you it’ll be safe, there’s simply not enough research.

If you do decide to use them, keep the concentrations obscenely low. However there’s so many toxins/neurotoxins/solvents/acids/etc. within these essential oils. Lots of them are untested, and long term exposure can absolutely start building up in your liver/kidneys as well as other systems.

But… there’s also companies out there using essential oils as flavourings. So if you wanna try stuff, use the most benign and common oils out there that have plenty of history of use.

O i always buy biologicaly grown essential oil derived
And a steam distillation setup Gives Some great oils
Milliliters but something

Example of what info tells You
Page 2/8 bottom ingridients
Linanool d limoneen and more common terps
Damages the lungs When swallowed :worried:

It’s definitely a very good idea to screen any essential oils for unwanted residuals. A few years ago I had tested some “co2 extracted, organic, eco-cert, co-op cultivated, blah blah” oil blends that all failed on 1000’s of ppm’s of benzene.


you forgot the best one, lavender

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In a cart ? For topical s yes but I find it strong for a cart
Latest mix
Cardamom with parsley and coriander
And pinch of cinnamon gets me a cola taste in the cart


never tried it but ive mentioned on here several times that i do butane extract of lavender and og kush strains. just a hint of lavender

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Nice close to where I am at there are massive flower greenhouses roses etc etc I have asked some sample batches to test with propane wonder what the outcome will be
For essential oils I rather work with 100% propane or dimethyl ether


I’ve used organic orange essential oil with no problems other then slight harshness. From researching a bit I would say that citrus oils tend to be the best, and should be steam distilled after the initial cold pressing. This gets rid of the isocoumarin (sp?), which is the compound that is phototoxic. Maybe its safe until someones vaping on the beach, then theyre vaping straight up cancer. Cannabis/hemp essential oil, no problem. i would fuck with frankincence co2 extract. Not hard to find that and hops co2 .