Escrow/Quality Assurance Services opportunity 100% Secure GUARANTEED.

Having issues with bad business? Bait and switch? Money security concerns?

I am part of a group that are passionate about cleaning up our marketplace and would like to offer a couple more positions on the ground floor of a revolutionary concept in transparent accounting and supply chain management.

Short list of benefits for participation includes Lifetime Free Escrow Services, Independent Lab Syncronization and verification of results, Lot based QR Support etc…

This infrastructure can be up and running by next season and is guaranteed to increase your Buying/Selling capabilities.

If you are interested in this innovative solution to Shady Business Practices please feel free to DM me.


When you say position I hear that you are hiring, but then you are looking for clients? Kind of an ironic bait and switch there, first you are offering to find someone to pay but actually you are looking for someone who will pay…
Also I’m really not understanding exactly what your do, is this some sort of inventory management system? Brokerage? Some kind of middleman situation that’s almost a brokerage?


this is fantastic! Any updates? offers an integrated QA and tracking platform

does this use block chain verification?

I’ll take a tour of the demo. I read this, but will attempt a login with the demo credentials

Yeah, put it on ice thanks to covid. 4 months ago people weren’t looking for an Integrated solution. I can dust it off if theres sufficient interest now.

Not on the blockchain, but permissioned database and we built it with highly restricted editing capabilities.

It seems like blockchain verification is easier to market because it is trustless. but what do I know anyway