Equipment wanted!

I am looking for a new lab setup. If you have good used equipment for sale contact me.

We have 2 heaters, 2 chillers and a pure press 5ton rosin press. Priced by your offer. All equipment outgrown and lightly used. Let me know if you need spec or pics

We have a slightly used lenticular housing for filtration. Thanks, Greg

We have a large brewery evaporator for large scale ethanol recovery and a never used CO2 machine capable of 500lbs per 16hr shift. Please DM if interested, best of luck with your lab!

we have a lightly used 50L Roto Vap with Chiller and Vac Pump for $8,500.
let me know if interested

@Usacbdfactory We have several pieces of new equipment. Nothing has been installed, many are still packed in manufacturer’s shipping material.

Email me directly to bid or view items.

RO unit with float switch
Kaiser SM10 Aircenter
Prescott Batch Mixer
20 cu ft chest freezer ULT
SS Filter Housing and elements
G & D 20 HP Dynalene
Deairation Skid
Co2 Meter
96” SS prep table 35” H
HAL booth
VFD Cabinet
Button Control (Haz Loc)
Koflo Static mixer
Glycol Fan Coil
Case sealer
Lenticular Filter Housing

Check out this stuff I just posted. Lots of nice gear :+1:

I am manufacturer from China and have been producing labs equipment for hemp oil, cbd…also selling equipment to Amercia company.
such as rotovap, spd, wiped film molecular distillation, glass reactor, chiller and so on.

You could see my post and profile and tell me what u want, we also accept customized, then I will send the quotation.