Equipment for sale. Oklahoma City

Equipment is in Oklahoma City available for pick up, delivery within a reasonable driving distance, or shipping if you pay for shipping

Can provide more pics and details if needed

1.9CF BVV™ Neocision ETL Lab Certified Vacuum Oven $1000

4x 24 butane tanks $300

Poly science 6100 series chiller $5500

Harvest Right medium freeze dryer with vacuum pump $2750

10L BVV Rotovap, glass and pieces are in box and bubble wrap, can take out and add more pics if requested $2500

2x Tr21 recovery pumps $1000

2x 75lb c02 tanks with siphon tube $600

2x 50lb c02 tanks with siphon tubes $400

2x 20lb c02 tanks with siphon tubes $150

10x digital greenhouse 1000w DE HPS adjustable ballasts $400

Pollenex 1500g dry sifter x2(one is new, other is new but came with a big crack in it that could be fixed easily) $750

Welch High Capacity Diaphragm Pump 2052 115V Model # 2052B-01 $2750

128 site EZ cloner $175

$17,375 total

Can do everything for $13k

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