Equipment available

Here is what we will be providing for your lab. In stock and shipped within 24 hours.


Why should I get my AI stuff from you, and not from @Killa12345 or 1 of the other members that sells AI branded equipment?

I can’t answer that. I’m just trying to make that money. I’ll be stocking servicing and installing my equipment. It’s a dog eat dog business. There is plenty of work for us all.


That’s the best answer I’ve heard in a long time!


My goal isnt to be the biggest, just want to be comfortable in my life.


I figure this will enhance my modular lab sales


Well, good luck to you Sir! I wish you success, and comfort…

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Hi @potguru1 ,
ever gonna pay us for the work we did for you?
12’ x 12’ x 10’ freezer for sale - #2 by Soxhlet

@Capttripppp yow know he hasn’t payed me for over a year for a “rush job”?
Dosen’t seem like much of a rush?

@potguru1 put a real check in the mail this time.

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The company I had these ramps made for went out of business. Im owed $120,000.00

I’m going to be in Fresno Tuesday let’s talk this out, instead of trying to ruin my reputation because of a 3400.00 job that went bad.

Sorry man, that’s no excuse. I have always paid my vendors no matter what. It seems like you have money coming in from other sources, so its time to pay up. CASH IN HAND, NO CHECKS.Don’t come empty handed on tues, there’s no excuses for that.

So pay for it… all your troubles will just melt away…

Have a good day😊

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