Epilepsy and CBD abd Cannabis


I am not sure if I posted this in the right section so I apologize in advance

I have a friend whose teenager has been battling epilepsy.

He currently has 5 seizures daily

He is taking several meds and isn’t finding any relief from them

We live up in Canada so cannabis is legal everywhere and most cities have legal dispensaries

He started using a high CBD tincture with low THC and started seeing a small improvement

he was taking in about 200mg of CBD per day

but these government tinctures even the strongest ones only have about 700mg CBD per 30ml bottle and run about $70

So even at such a low dose that bottle only lasts about 2 days making it too expensive to keep up with even this low dose let alone experiment with much higher doses

from what I studied he isn’t taking a high enough dose to make a huge difference

I have read from studies that most need 40-60mg of CBD per kg of weight

at his weight, I think he would need 2200-2500mg per day

the issue is that up in Canada getting CBD distillate or Isolate is hard to find even though high THC cannabis is legal and everywhere

I know this sounds stupid but that is the current state of things in Canada

CBD on the black market in Canada is hit and miss because many give fake CBD to make a buck

With most on this forum selling CBD isolate for $300 -$450 per kg, high dose protocols are much more affordable for those that need large doses especially when compared to the little options that Canadians have

Does anyone here have any recommendations on different dosing protocols for CBD and even THC for epilepsy?

Any experiences using CBD distillate over CBD Isolate?

Any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated

This is why many Canadians are trying to access bulk CBD products to help with crippling diseases like epilepsy and are locked in a quagmire

thank you in advance for any help


My brother is epileptic. In his case any thc actually causes more seizures. He consumes about 5 grams of isolate a day to manage seizures, it works better than the pills and doesn’t have the crazy side effects.

I’m not sure if future formulations ships to Canada, but if they don’t, I’m sure someone here will be able to help you out.


Sometimes if I’m in a major state of anxiety or panic and I smoke cannabis I will sometimes have spasms. Idk why. Not CBD but just a regular bong pack of cannabis. I’m also autistic so that could have a role.

Thank you both for all your help. Really appreciate your input

Poor kid, if you can dial thc/cbd in it will change their lives for the best.
In my experience those in the E world have seemingly elephant tolerances doseage wise to the uninformed. Like boots on the green informed.

1:1 thc/cbd. Thc is medicines too. Again imo the doseage need to be in the 5gm or better edibles. I prefer rso or caplets. Try a high powered 1:1 vape cartridge to see how it might work before the edibles. 5 gems are nothing to me. Saw little kids taking 6+ grams of oil multiple times daily. Kids were normal, activity levels are normal. They begin to trust no more seizures like in past. Teen should be able to dial in their dosage. They won’t be stupefied stoned. I nearly feel 5-7 grams of edibles. But at these levels life is much better. Just keeping your feet on earth. Slowing down and calming those brainwaves.

Great things happen with ketamine cocktail infusions , iv Benadryl in neuroscience is gaining traction. Magic mushrooms help in the E world as well. All old/new cutting edge. Kid can have a near normal life if you will only look beyond the mainstream medical box.

Take it for what you paid for it. But these solutions are much better than a zombie life of pills.

Good luck!

Thank you so much for your help. I will look into all these things you mentioned

really appreciate your knowledge