Entry level clone tech (LA)

Downtown Los Angeles
Compensation $19
Please email resume to Peter@thcdesign.com


  • Maintain 80%+ propagation success rate

  • Oversee VEG rooms and maintain plant health through daily check-ins, evaluation of plant health, spot watering of plants, canopy management, and making adjustments to room environment or grow process with input from the Cultivation manager.

  • Monitor and maintain irrigation system including nutrient mixing, monitoring of nutrient EC, pH, and temperature.

  • Communicate with support teams and management continuously regarding plant happiness, pest outbreaks, and equipment issues (irrigation, tables, lights, etc.)

  • Monitor temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels daily according to company standards and make adjustments as needed.

  • Support other grow team members throughout the grow as needed, including spraying for pest management, supporting colleagues in other grow rooms, or supporting outside of grow rooms

  • Timely completion of work per schedule and strive to increase productivity through coordinated workflow and process improvement recommendations

· Ensure accurate plant inventory including strain names per tray and count of plants · Keep documented logs and notes of room metrics and plant care actions for company records

  • Maintain clean grow rooms and workspaces at all times by regularly sanitizing tools, equipment, and grow rooms to ensure sanitary practices and to keep pests away

  • Use PPE as required: gloves, lab coat, tinted eye protection

  • Perform all other duties as necessary and any additional duties assigned by the Cultivation Manager


That is the job description and you call it “entry level”??


I thought it was a great job description, with all expected duties clearly laid out. That’s about the skill level I would consider myself, and would probably say my skills as a grower are entry level. Not meaning novice, but far from a master. If I can hit journeyman status one day, I’ll be happy. Gotta start somewhere and show value, the pay will follow. Coming from someone far from the LA job market…


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Don’t get me wrong, IMO it is a APlus job description. As you say, it clearly defines duties and what is expected. My question was pointed toward the description of “entry level”.

I would think that someone with qualification to meet the job requirements would be a bit above “entry level”


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