Empty Vape Cartridges - Warehouse Clearout

Took about 4 months, but finally they are all sold!

Thanks to everyone who purchased!

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What an absolute ass fuck by customs I wonder if you could sue them for losses

Why were they held?

Unfortunately had to sign paperwork stating I would not sue

The only explanation they gave was that they were considered “contraband to be used for hash oil”

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I have 20k .8ml same ones I’m trying to sell if anyones interested. In NY

I might be interested in purchasing whatever you have left. Please let me know what’s available and a price for the entire lot.

I sent you a DM.

Unfortunately the guy who wanted these never followed through, even after I sent my bank wire info and waited for weeks…

I still have 16,000 1.0 ML + 7,000 0.5 ML

I am willing to make a deal for someone to take them all from me. Send me your offers!


Can you DM me, I might grab some of these, I used to buy off your website.


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