Empty Vape Cartridges - Warehouse Clearout

Description: 1.0ml or 0.5ml, Black or White Ceramic screw-on tip, 4 x 2.0mm intake, Glass Tank, Lead Free
Price: Depends on the quantity
Current location of item: Naples, FL
Estimated lead time: 2-3 day express shipping or UPS ground for bulk
Fulfillment: Direct from seller

We have a total of 50,000 empty vape cartridges to get rid of. These cartridges were seized by US Customs back in November 2020 and are just now being released back to us. We have since shut down our operation and would like to offer these quality pieces to the community first.


4000 - 0.5ml Black
4000 - 0.5ml White

18,000 - 1.0ml Black
24,000 - 1.0 White

If interested, send me a DM and we can work out a deal


Here they are!

Someone make an offer!!!

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Pics of the hardware?

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This is what they look like. I’ll go to the garage and snap a picture this evening.

(Picture shows 0.5 ML style. We have 8k 0.5 and 42k 1.0 ML)

As promised here are a couple pictures taken inside my garage.

I’m letting boxes of 1000 go for $700 if anyone is interested let me know!

Free shipping included

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Hi there! I’ve got someone who wants these. Can you dm me your email?

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I’m interested in grabbing a good amount of these from you. To make it easier I’m located in Tampa so we don’t have to deal with shipping. What’s a good way to get ahold of you for next steps? Looking to get 6,000 asap then we’ll decide on the next purchase.

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I sent you a DM

Message incoming

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

It’s also my birthday today :slight_smile:

Someone make me an offer on these carts!

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Hope everyone had a nice holiday.

I’m open to hearing all offers on these pieces

Let’s negotiate!

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I am willing to come down to $630 on 1000 packs with free shipping

Credit/Debit Card Accepted

Posting again, anyone looking for a good deal on these?

Are these tested? Failure rates? Possibly interested in some.

Are these screw on or press to fit?

Sorry if you posted this earlier and I didn’t see

Can you provide any info on make and model? What company or source did you purchase them from? Maybe post a pic of the text/code on the bottom of the carts (ie, on the flat surface adjacent to the threads).

Screw on