Emerald Triangle Clone Run

Looking for a source for clones for personal recreation, wanted to try wonderland nursery in garberville but they are now closed to the public.

Anyone have any recommendations for this trip in a couple weeks?

Looking fotward to the redwoods!

I think plant Humboldt is still selling plants.


Or you can try finding a dispensary that stocks hendrx clones, I know satori wellness in McKinnleyville has them usually.


@IsolationChamberLab Thanks, I talked With plant Humboldt last week and am definitely giving them a stop.

Thanks for the advice on Satori. Seems like Humboldt Craigslist also has some local offerings too.


Check out budtrader.com. They have some really good clone suppliers on their but a lot of bad ones also. Check the typical MO white roots, plant color, etc. after I make my selection I run the gaurnlet with the grower. Asking them nute, ph, light schedule, and sexting identification method of the clones.

@Juice311 thanks a ton, never knew that site existed.

Hopefully got a short tour of Dookie Bros farm while we are up there too !

I send plant Humboldt. Do you have specific strains your looking for?

@BG305 you send for them via USPS?
Ideally looking for zskittlez or MAC, some funky OGs and really anything special.

Been working with seeds and wanted to take advantage of the mecca of herbs :wink:

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@Stray No problem sir. I’m assuming you’re growing indoors given the time of the season. Don’t grow zskittlez inside. They developed that strain for an outdoor environment. I’ve grown it before indoors and in a light deprivation. The plants didnt like an indoor environment unlike the tent where they grew massive and terpy. I never grown MAC but OGs I’ve grown a lot of them in both environments. How do you rank yourself as a grower? (Beginner or couple of grows under your belt) this will help narrow down the strains. An example If your growing room envelope isn’t completely sealed and insulated with winter around the corner than you may have some serious problems on your hands with the wrong strain. Than again you can have purple wonderland if you picked the right strain.

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Few years now, sealed with co2 and dtw Coco.
Good advice on the zkittlez I didn’t know it was finicky.

Mainly good flavor and strong smell is my objective. I talked with plant Humboldt and they let me know the window for clones from them is closing soon.

@Stray Sounds like they are using tents or outdoor with a light on the mothers. Im going to suggest you don’t get any clones from them for an indoor grow. Check your dms.

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Zkittlez is readily available. I been known Cap for many yrs now and I have to respect his wishes on the MAC. I know lots of people sell that cut but I won’t.