EliteCSLabs - Introduction

Greetings, Future 4200 Community!

Formally known as Elite Botanicals based in Colorado, our team at EliteCS Labs brings innovation and experience to the legitimate hemp extraction, formulation, and white labeling solution sectors within the hemp-derived product industry.

We provide white label services; solutions for businesses in need of quality and consistent product formulations, from the extraction process all the way through finished products with inclusive batch-specific COA’s.

In addition, we provide wholesale opportunities on raw cannabinoid oleoresin (crude), distillates, isolates, and our own brand’s direct product
lines (see links below).

Company BIO: EliteCS Labs has grown out of a necessity for quality and purity in our direct line in addition to our white label customer’s hemp-based products. Formerly Elite Botanicals, but paying homage to the Elite brand (hence EliteCS Labs), we have now compiled a team of cannabis experts with over 30+ years of experience in the industry.

We were among the first in the state of Colorado to be legally licensed to grow high cannabinoid hemp through the Department of Agriculture. Additionally, our extraction and formulation laboratories were the first to be approved through the Colorado Department of Public Health. Since then, we have continued to grow and expand our offerings to meet the needs of our valued clients. We specialize in innovative product
research and development while still maintaining the highest quality and safety standards in the industry for our clients and internal product offerings.

If you’d like to contact us about any of the services we offer or have a question you may think is outside of the above offerings, or just have any questions, in general, we would love to chat with you! Please see our direct contact information and links below:
EliteCS Labs
● Phone: (970) 532-3899
● Email: (contact@EliteCSlabs.com)

● Instagram - @EliteCSlabs


I haven’t seen a CBN product for pets before, how does it affect animals? Also what makes a 2,000mg CBD pet tincture $200?


I’ve been working with these guys for 5+ years, solid group of people :call_me_hand:

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The VetCS veterinary team is able to answer any veterinary related questions if you would like to reach out to them at info@vetcs.com they would be happy to assist you!