Elite Solvent is now GasLogix (Eugene, OR)

Hey Oregon members! I wanted to take a brief moment to let y’all know that we have formed a partnership with Elite Solvent in Eugene whereby GasLogix will handle gas supply, sales, customer service, etc. and Elite Solvent will remain in place as our local logistics partner making deliveries and ensuring our QC procedures on the ground.

We’re extremely excited about this expansion and are even more excited to better get to know our Oregon friends from here and elsewhere in the coming months. I’m going to have a slight lead time (week or two) to get fresh product on the ground but after that we should be fully operational and hit the ground running.

Thanks for everything y’all have done for us and for each other that allows us to continue to serve you to the best of our abilities in our new, expanded role.


(P.S. It looks like I’ll be visiting the new shop early next week to get things set up for the transition. If anyone wants to get together and chat gas or anything else, shoot me a DM).


Congratulations on the moves

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Thanks bud, much appreciated.

Do you guys have a store a person can walk into for smaller purchases not needing delivered? I need some filter media today and am hoping to find a distributor I can stop by at and grab what I need and be on my way.

We don’t. We actually pulled out of Eugene and Elite shut down. @ApisLabs should be able to help you out though.

Thanks @GasLogix-Adam … yes, we have a retail store where we can help @MonsterInc . Our address is 850 Bethel Dr, Eugene, OR 97402

OR you can call the shop at 541-780-1997

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