Electrical engineering software reccomendations

I’m looking for a software that allows me to test electrical components digitally so i can design circuits that are actually safe to plug into mains power.

Main thing stopping me from making the high voltage high current power supply that I need to build for a project is the pucker factor of plugging the thing in and testing it without blowing up my scope or starting a fire.

Is anyone here aware of a software that allows me to build a digital version of a circuit and test it before actually building the circuit?

@MathewScott @anon64373531 @batsona ?


Idk if it’ll test the circuit

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I used ngspice on kubuntu. Ltspice works on windows but I’ve not tried it using wine on Linux though I know others have.

I think that would work if I understand what you’re looking for.

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That was only PCB design I think. It’s what I used to do mine, don’t think it simulated circuits but I haven’t used it since v 5 or 6.


I like to buy used industrial and scientific equipment and tear them down for parts.

I want a software that’s geared towards simulating circuits so I can see why this or that component would or wouldn’t work. The goal here is to overbuild an induction heater circuit that can melt and levitate metals for casting components for other projects.

It would be simple to just follow someone else’s design, but I’d like to be able to dynamically simulate building the circuit around components I’ve already got.

I’m aware the result will probably not be all that efficient, but the purpose is to learn without spending too much.

I got a good deal on some massive pulse rated capacitors and would like to be able to design the circuit around one of them.

I’m gonna download that ltspice software, thanks @australis

I’m not opposed to spending money on a software that’s got a lot of features to play with tho.


Maybe it’s overkill…

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I googled multisim which I have used before with some FPGA work, and came up with a pretty decent list of simulation software for electrical engineering.


LTSpice is good for basic (and likely advanced) circuit simulation

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